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[edit] status update

  • currently ~60 000.00 CHF

[edit] debian-sponsors alioth project

  • project approved
  • current admins are h01ger, Ganneff, mshultz, gaudenz and bgupta
  • [TODO] gaudenz will migrate sponsors-table.git and add the other members

[edit] sponsors-table and sponsors.ods

  • sponsors-table is the working copy, while sponsors.ods keeps an easier track of the confirmed sponsors
  • [TODO] gaudenz will migrate sponsors.ods from SVN debconf-team/dc13 to debian-sponsors/sponsors-table.git and update the Fundraising page accordingly

[edit] permanent sponsors

  • [TODO] h01ger will change name to "Infrastructure Sponsors" on both DebConf13 and main DebConf websites
  • their position on the page is still an open question
  • [TODO] OdyX will ask Ganneff the tracking-list with sponsors and what they provide

[edit] current dates on the DebConf13 website

  • not decided yet, so remove them?

[edit] who contacts which sponsor

  • who enters a sponsor does contact it
  • if there is no name and you think you are a good person to contact a company, just add your name and go forward
  • if you are unsure, but have time to do more work, ask on #debconf-sponsors if someone knows more than what is in the file, wait for a few hours and then contact them
  • it is more efficient to focus on fewer companies, but to invest a bit of effort in contacting them than to send mass mails
  • [TODO] contact more sponsors
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