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  • define agenda for this meeting
  • report from / questions about le switzerland visit
  • venue options
  • current budget(s)
  • budget reduction options -- how can we get to a "darst-approved" budget?
    • cap numbers for accommodation+food sponsorship to fit with money available?
    • decide that there will not be a day allocated to Debian Day? (it can still happen separately or merged with other stuff)
    • more significant shortening to increase numbers we can sponsor overall?
    • other points?
  • what is planned about fixing last points in Le Camp contract? (points themselves should go in email)
  • shutdown
    • No. We already had problem with unanswered emails. and BTW front-desk need rt for new tasks. [[[User:Cate|Cate]] 13:29, 29 October 2012 (UTC)]
  • do we still need the November 22 meeting?
  • AOB
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