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[edit] Meeting Le Camp 20121025 (heiserhorn and gismo)

[edit] General discussion

  • They likes the project.
  • They do not like the idea of other venues investigation at this time of the discussion.
  • Many contract changes over time.
  • They think they understand the problem we could have faced.
  • Optic fibre investment (100k CHF).
  • Changing general conditions needs "Conseil de fondation" as it was done in the past.
  • They think the contract is already very precise.
  • We can take the 34 CHF meal option for everyone everyday.
  • We can send 1 day before that there are N people less to dinner (to avoid wasting).
  • Tolerance for planned meals vs. effective meals is within 10-20 people (announced the day before).
  • They will try to check with nearby organisations for sponsorship.

[edit] Answers to our questions

  • Final date for contract signing
2012-10-22 (now next Monday)
  • Possibility to shorten the contract to decrease its (high) price (which we should anyway try to negotiate more)
Not possible with this contract. With another contract will be more expensive (per day).
  • Cancellation fee too high, based on a full-board price, while only accommodation should be considered (the minimum amount to pay)
Conditions Genèrales #2
  • Detailed deadlines for cancellation to be included in the contract
Will send Conditions Genèrales with the contract
  • Cooking by ourselves option
  • Effective meals
  • Lunch option every day
OK (15600 CHF less)
  • List of buildings
Condition Genèrales #3, but will send a more detailed version
  • Costs list
Check the first offer in SVN
  • No breakfast
  • Accommodation only
  • Recyclable glasses (like Paleo), so no beer bottle
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