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Thank you, videoteam!

If you appreciate the videoteam's work, please leave a message here. We truly love to hear your stories, where, what, how and why you watched our videos and how you benefit from our work. Your feedback is very important to us! :-)

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[edit] DebConf12

  • Holger 'h01ger' Levsen - Thank you videoteam! I really look forward to watch the videos when I'm back at home! ;-) Once again it was a pleasure to work with you and to be able to rely on you. And with "rely on you" I mean that the whole of Debian can rely on being able to participate even from far away. That's totally awesome and makes DebConf quite special! Without the hard work of many many people this wouldnt have been possible and I bow to each and everyone of you! Gracias!
  • I only want to say 'thank you' also to the Video team for Debconf. You did a really great job. Only few hours after even the closing ceremony even that video was already found on the video archives!

[edit] Country

[edit] Argentina

  • Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer - As usual, thanks to the video team, I get to be there. Thank you.
  • Sebastian Montini - it's awesome to be able to see you guys again. great work as usual! :)

[edit] Austria

  • Your Name - Please write following this model.

[edit] Mexico

  • Fernando C. Estrada - Thank you very much!, you're doing a great job and it's great to see Video Team is an inclusive group for new members. ¡Muchas gracias! ;-)

[edit] Spain

  • larjona - Thank you videoteam! And thank you all the Debconf organizers and helpers! I liked that you show in the wiki how you organize all the connections and so. I will follow the live connection when I can, and looking forward to download the rest when they are available! ¡Muchas Gracias!

[edit] Serbia

  • Karolina and Janos - Thanks to awsome video team we are able to watch our Debian friends live from the other side of the globe. Stream is working flowlessly. We appreciate all the time you dedicate for others to feel the joy of DebConf!

[edit] France

  • Calixte - Thank you very much to all the video team, sound and video qualities are excellent and the video streaming is very good too. Bravo ! Excellent job. Have fun ;)

[edit] Italy

  • MadameZou - You guys are awesome! I'm following all the talks I can (given the timezone mess ;)) and I feel almost like I am there with you all. So, I owe you many beers (maybe at dc13?).
  • Zack - thanks a lot folks! I'm now catching up with all the DebConf videos I've missed due to my early departure. You rock!

[edit] United States

  • tmarble - I watched a bit of talkroom1 from the hacklab during the torrential rains... and it just worked™ and looked beautiful in VLC. You are showing the world that streaming Free Video is here now! Thank you!
  • edrz - It's great to be watching from afar. I miss being there and helping, of course. But, you all are doing a wonderful job. I really appreciate all of you who keep showing up to make the conference and videos happen year after year. It's just as awesome that new people jump in every year. Keep up the good work. Don't forget to eat and sleep! :)
  • paultag - Watched the talk on rebuilding the archive with clang. The video was fantastic and only died due to a power outage :) -- really great, thank you!
  • kevix - Watched many talks and was able to ask questions from thousands of miles away and the video stream was great as usual. thank you!
  • mshuler - Thanks for the ability to attend DebConf12 from afar! (DebConf13 goal: Day Trip helmet cam feed :) )
  • rickbol - Been watching live streams & archives. Will catch Freedombox Update on my phone today. Thanks to all for this very important and most excellent work! Long live Debian! Long live DebConf!
  • joeyh - This was the first DebConf where I could just point my mom to a URL to watch my talks on the web, and it just worked.
  • cknadle - Watched many of the talks via streaming, even more via downloaded video. GREAT thanks to the Video Team!  :-)
  • rra - I haven't had a chance to watch many of the streams yet, but the one that I watched live was excellent. Thank you so much for doing the work required to let people participate remotely!

[edit] Hungary

  • algernon - Watching the videos live helped combat my debconf-envy, thank you! The videos saved me from a week of debconf-less misery.

[edit] Thailand

  • glasseyes - timezone is even harder here for watching live ;) but awesome work as ever, many thanks. Showing the world of free software conferences how the video should be done.

[edit] Indonesia

  • Zaki Akhmad - Will wait the recorded version since having huge different time zone here with Indonesia. Wish someday could attend DebConf! Thanks a lot for the video team in spreading the world, DebConf. You guys rock!
And also thanks for the subtitle at Bits from DPL session!

[edit] Romania

  • Victor Nițu - For a nocturnal individual living at GMT+2, like me, this was the biggest thing that happened this year! Kudos and keep up the big work, it's very motivational and inspirational to watch while building the local community website :-)

[edit] Germany

  • Andreas Tille shot some pictures from a "DebConf@home" session - this would not have been possible without the video team!
    Debconf12@home bdale freedombox.jpg

[edit] Poland

  • Paweł azhag Sadkowski - Thank you, Video Team for bringing DebConf to us. You did a wonderful job as usual (or maybe even better ;)), I wish other „professional” conferences had such superb video teams! And I see the videos are already available for download, yay \o/

[edit] Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Zlatan Todoric - While I did not attend the conference I even hadn't time to watch live session but I must say a big THANK YOU to video team for doing such a great job and to archive it all for us that didn't have chance to be there.

[edit] United Kingdom

Steve McIntyre - Awesome work. When I got home after DebConf it let me catch up on the talks I missed, and cringe at some of my own :-)

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