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Here is some information about DebConf11.


[edit] General Information

[edit] Where can I learn about DebConf11?

You should see:

[edit] Questions That Need Answers

  • Do those not seeking travel sponsorship need to book directly with Hotel Bosna?
    • We will make reservations for everyone. People who are not sponsored will pay for the accommodation when they arrive at the Hotel.

[edit] Venue and Physical Questions

  • Are non-smoking zones available for those allergic to smoke?
    • From Adnan Hodzic:
      • "As much as it is permitted, in almost same measure it's prohibited. Smoking in building is prohibited, especially offices, same with hotels, while you have places where you can smoke. For example in Hotel Bosna I know there's cafe/bars/etc for smokers and non-smokers, same with smoking floors, if there aren't none we'll make them :)"
      • This depends from restaurant to restaurant, I could have this information checked for you since it's a good one.

[edit] Safety

  • What security is present for DebConf attendees?
    • From Adnan Hodzic:
      • The venue is right next to the President building.
      • "There's no need to panic; people are generaly very very open and good towards tourists"
      • "Venue will have security for all your stuff so you'll be able to leave your stuff in the Venue without it being stolen or whatever."
  • I've read negative things about safety at places such as the US State Dept. Are they accurate and relevant?
    • From Jon 'maddog' Hall:
      • No.
      • He gave a few tips.
    • From Adnan Hodzic:
      • "I really hope DebConf will debunk all this misinformation about Bosnia, and you'll be able to see it in full light."
    • From Amaya:
      • Linked to some simple common sense tips
      • Reported experiences of attendees at prior DebConfs
      • "So far, Debconf venues have been chosen in safe areas and I personally have no reason to believe this time it will be any different."
      • "I believe that Debconf attendees become a very visible group, but we do not scream "wealthy tourist" too loudly, and we move around in groups most often, which might draw more attention but is safer."
    • From Velimir Iveljic:
      • "If you stay in the city and/or go mountain hiking where theres hiking roads, you are going to be safe from mines! I can not stress this enough, everyone attending DebConf11 in Banja Luka is safe from mines (except if you DO go to locations that are marked having mines there). fields are only in uninhabited areas and are well marked."
      • "Don't go to small streets with no lights, stay in crowded places, with some friends and you will be fine :) I would give this advice to anyone anywhere, not just if you are in Banja Luka."
      • "Roads are the problem in BiH, but as you can see we all travel a lot! When i say the roads are a problem, i mean they are old and there is almost no highway. But when traveling with a bus, you are in no danger at all, since these buses go on a daily basis with no problems what so ever! The only drawback regarding roads and traveling is that it takes more time to get from point A to point B."
      • Regarding hospitals:
        • "The medical system in BiH is done much differently than in the US. We have a social welfare here in BiH, it's what most of European countries have, although the quality is not as good!"
        • "But still if you hurt yourself you definitely wont die, or be left without proper treatment."
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