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[edit] Welcome to DebConf 11

First of all, let us welcome you to DebConf11 in Banja Luka! We are truly honored to host this years Conference in our country and we will do our best to ensure your stay is memorable and enjoyable one! This page consists of some basic information, some things you should probably familiarize yourself with, as some of it will definitely affect your stay in our country.

There are several topics regarding security, hygiene, law & procedures which need attention.

Always clean after yourself! While staying in hotel, you will be provided with daily cleaning service. Make sure your room is not messy and don't leave anything laying around on the floor. While in venue building, Banski Dvor, always leave things at least as clean and tidy as you found them. There's no cleaning service there and we are responsible for everything. As for other other places, it should be a common sense but I will repeat again, clean.

Though security will be provided for venue building, never leave your stuff if you go out, especially laptops, cell/mobile phones, cameras or any other technical equipment. Even if it means losing a place in a hacklab during a lunch break. In case of security problem, contact Local Team leaders immediately!

Drinking alcohol is not allowed in public, so please avoid drinking publicly, use Clubs or lounges instead.

When in hotel restrain yourself from making loud noises; remember, you're not alone!

In case of a problem, get in contact with Local Team and we will do our best to help you.

[edit] How to get to Banja Luka

For traveling information, please refer to DebConf11/TravelInfo to learn more about Banja Luka and DebConf11/Travel-Arriving to learn how to get to our country, as well as what you will need to get here ( Visas, Customs Rules).

[edit] Front Desk / Hacklabs / Workshops

Our front desk will be in the main Hall of Banski Dvor. Contact number will be added later once we 'move in' and will be available 24/7, until then use global contact numbers.

The exact location of hacklabs within Banski Dvor is still unknown, but will be announced over the mailing list once we agree upon and set up the equipment. As we are aiming for the hacklabs to be open 24/7, you will probably have access to them at any time of a day. Security will, of course, be provided to ensure the safety of equipment.

[edit] Network

Banski Dvor will have access to switches and wireless for all attendees 24/7. As for the hotel, it's in our plan to provide you with Internet access there as well, though it will mostly likely be only wireless. Selected lounges will also have access to the Internet, but it is recommended you bring your own power strips. The free Internet is courtesy of SARNET, so please avoid any illegal and unlawful data transfers.

[edit] Hotel & Venue

Hotel Bosna is our primary accommodation facility. We expect also to use two other nearby hotels for accommodation.

The venue building, Banski Dvor, will be open 24/7. We'll be occupying most of the building, but some parts of it will still be off limits. Please restrain yourself from wandering into these restricted areas. Also, clean up after yourself and don't leave your stuff behind.

[edit] Talk schedule

Our talk schedule will be available at Penta. Talks will take place in Banski Dvor.

[edit] Food

As in any other hotel, cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are currently aiming to sponsor all three meals, but it is till too early to say for sure. If you decide to eat outside, you can get a breakfast for around 5KM (~2.5€), lunch and dinner for 15KM (~7.5€).

It is important that you inform us in advance of your food choice! Please use penta registration to specify details.

At the moment we are trying to arrange a breakfast for the departure day, 31st July; again, still too early to say for sure.

Food times are:

  • Breakfast starts at 6:00 AM and lasts until 10:00 AM
  • Lunch starts at 12:30 PM and lasts until 14:30 PM
  • Dinner starts at 19:00 PM and lasts until 21:00 PM

Everyone needs to take food stamps at the reception before lunch and dinner (no stamps for breakfast needed).

[edit] Safety

Though city itself has a low crime rate, it is still recommended you keep an eye on your own stuff. The venue will have security at all times. As for the city, just avoid dark parks, corners and streets. Keep your cell phone, wallet, keys or anything important in your pockets/bags. It's pretty much a common sense... In case of a problem, use emergency contact phones!

[edit] Activities

Outdoors, sports and nature

  • River rafting
  • Hiking
  • Fly Fishing
  • Horse riding
  • A lot of nature, so picnics and day trips to nearby locations

Public events

  • Short Film Festival "Kratkofil"
  • Rock music festival "Demofest"
  • A wild nightlife

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