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[edit] The 7th Cheese and Wine party


[edit] When?

Monday July 25th, 21:00

Setup scheduled to begin 30-60 minutes before the party time. People who brought cheese are welcomed to join in helping in the identification of items.

[edit] Where?

In Banski Dvor, lower left (the same level than the talk rooms). From the main entrance, go left of the main stairs, pass in front of the Frontdesk and there will be signs.

[edit] Why?

Cheese is Good For You. Wine also helps. This C&W is the 7th official DebConf Cheese and Wine party. The first C&W was held^W improvised in Helsinki during DebConf 5, in the so-called "French" room.

Cheese and Wine parties are now a tradition for Debconf. The event is very simple: bring good stuff from your country, preferably cheese, wine and|or any other good stuff that can be drunk or eaten. Even if you don't bring anything, feel free to participate: our priorities are our users and free cheese.

Some bits from previous C&W:

[edit] Questions?

Write to Christian Perrier <> or ask in the debconf-discuss mailing list.

[edit] What will you bring?

Please add your entry in alphabetical order. Please choose one, two, or exceptionnally three, representative cheese from your place (list of cheeses. It is recommended to target pieces that can be cut in about 10/20 slices/portions/whatever each.

There are fridges in the hosting facilities (at least Hotel Bosna). Please store your cheese and liquids with you until Monday afternoon. Then, at that time, please get in touch with one of the persons listed below under "Orga Team" and "Cheese Assistants" and go with him|her to the place where we'll be storing everything.

If you haven't been able to bring cheese, you can get some in Banja Luka. Unfortunately, I haven't spotted many places for that. Still, you can get some at the Maxi supermarket located at the down level of the "Boska" shopping center. I suggest getting "Trapist" cheese which comes from the local monastery. They also have a few "foreign" cheese on the opposite site of the supermarket, so that we have variety.

(countries list not exhaustive: this is a copy/paste from last year's C&W)

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bolivia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Moray Allan
      • Large cheese from the local monastery in Banja Luka
    • Velimir Iveljic
      • Liquids:
        • Home made Rakia
        • A few bottles of different kinds of Wine from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Zilavka, Blatina, etc.)
      • Solids:
  • Brazil
    • 2 bottles Terra Nova Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz, from São Francisco river valley
  • Bulgaria
  • China
    • Sylvestre Ledru
      • Some kirghiz cheese from China
      • a Chinese cheese
      • A bottle of Chinese wine
  • Czechia:
  • El Salvador
    • René Mayorga
      • Some traditional home-made candies
  • England
    • Nattie
      • Wild Garlic Cornish Yarg
      • Single Gloucester
      • Cambridge Gumburner Cheddar
    • Ian Campbell
      • Cheese
        • Garlic Cornish Yarg
        • Goat's Cheese
        • Cambridge Blue Cheese
      • Wine^H^H^H^HCider
        • Herefordshire dry organic cider (they had no English wine in stock, I'm assured this goes nice with cheese ;-))
    • Jonathan Wiltshire
  • Finland
    • Riku Voipio
      • Leipäjuusto (Finnish squeaky cheese)
      • Pihamaan Valkoinen (white wine from white currants)
  • France
  • Germany
    • Andreas Tille
      • Liquids:
        • Home made liquor of Sambucus nigra one made from the flower and one from the fruits
      • Solids:
        • Probably "Harzkäse" (need to think about whether it will make the trip ...)
  • Greece
    • Faidon Liambotis
      • Ladotyri (literally "olive oil cheese") from Mitilini
  • Hungary
  • Italy
    • Cheeses
      • Pecorino di Pienza
      • Marzolino di Siena
      • Parmigiano Reggiano
    • Wines
      • Proper Chianti
      • "Placido Rizzotto" Sicilian white from Libera Terra, a network of people who risk their lives working on land reclaimed from Mafia
      • Zibibbo di Sicilia (sweet liquorous wine)
      • Antico Liquorvino Ammarascato di Salaparuta (one of the few wines which pairs well with CHOCOLATE!!1!) (unfortunately, we didn't bring chocolate, that ought to be fixed)
      • Grappa di Nonino
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
    • Sylvestre Ledru
  • Kirghistan
    • Sylvestre Ledru
  • Martinique
    • David Prévot
      • Liquids:
        • A little barrel of sugarcane-based beverage (aka: Old Rum)
      • Solids:
  • Mexico
    • Bottle of Tequila Orendain
    • Some candy made with Cajeta
  • Netherlands
  • Nicaragua
    • Liquids:
      • 0.5l of Ron Plata Lite Rum
      • 0.5l of Ron Plata Especial Rum
    • Solids
      • Queso seco.
      • Cuajada.
  • Norway
    • Gudbrandsdalsost (similar to Argentinian Dulce de Leche)
  • Poland
    • Adam Borowski
      • Liquids:
        • 0.25l of self-made plum tincture (2006, ~36% ABV)
        • 0.20l of self-made plum/brambleberry tincture (2006, ~40% ABV)
  • Puerto Rico
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Spain
    • Jose Antonio Quevedo
    • Eva Ramon & Philipp Hug
      • Vinas del Vero (Somontano Red Wine) x2
      • Manchego Cheese x2
    • Mònica Ramírez Arceda
      • Tupí (Catalan Pyrenees cheese): cream cheese with "aiguardent d'orujo" (liquor)
      • Formatge Carrat (Catalan cheese): cheese wrapped in ash
  • Sweden
    • Magnus Holmgren
      • Grevé
      • Getädel (Blue goat's cheese) from Sunne
  • Switzerland
    • Axel Beckert
      • Cooking devices
        • At least one Caquelon for Fondue, probably a big electric one
        • At least one small, candle powered Raclette stove (for two slices of cheese), possibly several of them
      • Cheese
        • Enough ready-made Fondue for one or two Caquelons
        • Several kinds of Raclette cheese slices (e.g. Goat, Pepper, Peperoni, Onions, etc.)
      • Wine
    • Didier Raboud
      • Cheese
        • Gruyère (in 2-3 flavours)
        • Emmental (the real one, you know)
      • Wine
    • Eva Ramon & Philipp Hug
      • Gruyère x2
      • Humagne Rouge (red wine) x2
  • Taiwan
    • Arne Goetje and Andrew Lee
      • Taiwanese Tofu Cheese from the region Arne lives.
      • Taiwanese Eco Tea from the region Andrew lives.
    • Paulliu and Kanru
  • USA
  • Venezuela

[edit] Orga Team

Orga meeting was on Saturday 23rd, 18:00, MeetingRoom.

Event setup will start at 7:30pm on Monday 25th. Meet at the meeting room.

  • Cheese Master
    • Christian Perrier
  • Cheese Assistants (Volunteers with tasks assigned until the C&W time) - ask these people where to store cheese on Monday 25th
    • Judit Foglszinger
    • Karolina Kalic
    • Ana Carolina Comandulli
    • Axel Beckert
    • Felipe Augusto van de Wiel
    • Vedran Omeragic
  • Cheese Apprentices (volunteers for setup between 7:30 and 9)
    • OdyX: Didier Raboud (never attended a C&W party, but happy to help.)
    • sylvestre: Sylvestre Ledru
    • AndrewLee
    • Rob Browning
    • Obey Arthur Liu
  • Miserable Former Cheese Padawan Downgraded To Cheese Wanabee For Lack Of Proper Cheese
    • nekral

[edit] Orga team tasks

  • Christian
    • stress all Monday long <-- extremely needed!
    • shopping Monday morning 11h45 at Maxi
    • get bread when delivered (at 5:00pm on Monday) bread arrived, it's in the kitchen
    • take care of expenses
  • Vedran
    • sends mail to -announce to ask people to bring their cheese to one of the abovementioned volunteers
    • re-confirm with Banski Dvor manager that using tables and the kitchen it's OK
    • find a bakery about 15kg of bread
    • get bread It will be delivered to Banski Dvor between 16:00 and 17:00 on Monday
    • shopping Monday morning 11h45 at Maxi
    • find laptop+speakers for music pih, I got us a DJ :)
  • Karolina
    • tries to get bread knives (finally bought and will be brought back by Christian to Elizabeth, his wife, as gift from Bosnia)
    • tries to get corkscrews from friends
  • Caroll
    • Signs to identify cheese: country, name
    • shopping Monday morning 11h45 at Maxi
  • Axel
    • Take care of the fondue and bringing stuff from his van
  • Felipe
    • Help Alex to take care of the fondue and bringing stuff from his van
  • Judit
    • find microphone from headset and test with laptop+speakers
    • We're allowed to use a microphone from the auditorium instead.

Shopping list:

  • Dishes: (300 normal + 50 large for the cheese)
  • Plastic Glasses: (300)
  • napkins (paper)
  • Toothpicks: (1000)
  • some cleaning stuff (there is some in the nearby kitchen close to the place we're hosting the C&W)
  • barbecue sticks (100)
  • large garbage bags (10)
  • Bread: to buy locally.About 15 kg bread

[edit] Bosnia Custom Regulations

Alcoholic beverages: 2 liters of still table wine, 1 liter of spirits or strong liqueurs over 22% volume; or 2 liters of fortified wine, sparkling wine or other liqueurs according to DebConf11/Customs.

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