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[edit] DebConf10 post-production

[edit] credits and sponsors append or prepend to transcodings

19:48 < edrz> istr there being issues with most clients handling chained theora streams properly.
19:49 < gmaxwell> edrz: if you have/know the encoder that produced the file you can encode the credits with the same settings and then oggCat the results.
19:50 < edrz> and that handles the serial numbers and granulepos or whatever correctly?
19:50 < gmaxwell> Maybe.
19:50 < gmaxwell> It's supposed to do what you want, but it may be buggy.
19:51 < derf> oggCat must also be linked against the exact library used to create the videos.
19:51 < derf> Because it doesn't actually look at them for configuration, AFAICT.
19:51 < edrz> oggCat is in what tool set?
19:51 < gmaxwell> oggvideotools
19:51 < derf> There's library support for doing things correctly since, but no actual tools that use it yet.
19:51 < edrz> i can easily build .debs against the same libtheora & ffmpeg and use the same ff2th.
19:53 < edrz> ok. so it should be doable.
19:53 < edrz> but might take a little doing.
19:54 < gmaxwell> In the case where you created both videos it's trivial!
  • Valessio also answered my question how easy it is to modify the credits: "Is possible and very simple. It is an image created with Inkscape. 700px X 5000px or more... and synfig render movie. all source: I can apply changes, send-me model plain text."

[edit] events with specific problems

[edit] fixing audio samplerate issues

Some files from the first days may have too fast audio playback due to wrong sample rate from the audio device(s):

20:43 < bwh> edrz: Try ffmpeg -r 330750:12012 -ar 44100 -i broken.dv -target ntsc-dv fixed.dv

[edit] encoding marga's opening .avi

it's in /home/marga

20:27 < bwh> edrz: If you run 'dc-do-transcoding --dry-run | less' on barney that will show you the command lines we use

[edit] organizational stuff

  • update Hardware page w/current locations and components
  • edrz took most stuff home to && inventory && sort out best shipping destination & method
  • collect, colate and analyze stream stats
  • ditto for file downloads.

[edit] General ToDo, for next years

[edit] Penta bugs / issues / wishlist

  • auto expiry of reviewing claims
  • multiple persons sometimes get signed up for same room role
  • view with assigned volunteers

[edit] information wrangling

  • Clean up wiki
    • copy/edit/revise relevant pages -> DC11
      • streaming set up
      • hardware
      • audio mixers
  • improve diagrams
  • create room diagrams with audio cables
  • final report
  • back up wiki
  • training materials
  • document:
    • DC10 successes
    • problems
    • room for improvement
    • intended features not implemented.

[edit] software / configs / data / howtos

  • Streaming stuff
    • create a nicer splash page or something than the icecast default (xslt stuff, maybe .. edrz rediscoverd an example)
    • ask for source and documentation for valessio's loops and stream landing page
    • settup replay mount with ezstream test streams of playlist from past (apu and lisa, or maybe only lisa this year.)
    • test encoder settings
    • Maybe try 2 encodings if we have time and cpu? (edrz dreams ...)
  • VP8 encoding: penta db change, encoder tool and settings, debconf-video script changes
  • dirac?

[edit] Shopping list

  • 2nd larger audio mixer
  • DI boxes

[edit] Ideas for the future

  • use functional hostname rather than simpsons character names
  • prevent fsck on boot

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