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[edit] Report Bug for Videos from DC10

Please document errors in any video from DebConf10 - that is, those hosted at

Please specify the name of the file and what problem you actually encounter. It's also nice to mention whether this happends in the low or high quality version or both :-) Too broad statements are generally seldem useful.

Thank you for taking the time to submit good bug reports!

  • 1078_Debconf_opening_plenary.ogv is missing the first half of the session, audio samplerate issues
  • 1078_Debconf_opening_plenary.ogv and 1079_Debian_Day_opening_Plenary.ogv have odd sound. Hans and Biella sound mickymousey in the Debian Day opening and the sound is also off in the Debconf opening. [Fixing: ]
  • 1123_Collaboration_between_Ubuntu_and_Debian.ogv
  • 1252_How_We_Can_Be_the_Silver_Lining_of_the_Cloud.ogv (just the beginning seemingly)
  • 1249_Statistical_Machine_Learning_Analysis_of_Debian_Mailing_Lists.ogv - no sound from the microphone. Looks like the sound from the main camera is used.
  • high/1344_930_06_DC10_Conference_Video.ogv is without audio
  • 1305_1305_Debian_Science_Round_Table.ogv is less than a second long, best delete it

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