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Brainstorming why we have DebConf and what DebConf should be:

DebConf has many goals, the ones with highest priority are (in descending order):

* an opportunity for DDs, interested people and existing teams within Debian to get together, discuss and hack on the Debian distribution and its infrastructure  
* educate people with talks and workshops 
* a chance to meet face to face, socialise, form stronger and more productive social bonds and brainstorm new ideas
* boost the motivations of individuals and work groups

Lower priority goals:

* boost the local Debian community
* to have some fun in RL to have more fun when hacking on the net

No goals, but nice (but "not important") by-products:

* free food and accomodation in a nice place for DDs to give them something back to them for their continuous contributions.
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