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(maybe the page title is not optimal)

From: "Herman Robak" <>

Recently back from FOSDEM2008 (Brussels) and LAC2008 (Cologne), I have a couple of points that ought to be checked out for the DC2008 venue.

       Camera positions

Do all the auditoriums have sloped floors? If so, no problem! If the auditorium has a flat floor, the crowd camera must be elevated quite a bit (more than eye height) to see all the faces in the audience. The operator needs to be elevated, too!


Both in Debian's room at FOSDEM and in the LAC auditorium there was no way to dim only the lights in the front, near the screen. To get a good contrast on the projected image, the room lights had to be either turned off (FOSDEM) or dimmed drastically (LAC).

 At FOSDEM the audience had to suffer washy, hard to read presentations

because of this. At LAC there were spotlights on the speaker that provided ample light. When the time came for questions from the audience, the lights were turned up again.

 We'd rather not ruin the viewing experience for the local audience

or for those watching the streams, so it would be nice if this was tested well in advance.

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