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  • File name convention:
    • Example:
    • The revision number makes it easier to sync them because it is still done manually
    • Im you are not using amara, leave it out or ask some other member to add it for you
  • Use a line for what would fit on screen approximately
    • Try to fit whole sentences as much as possible, but dont be afraid to split them if they get too long. Take advantage of the natural pauses
  • Use proper punctuation
  • If you don't understand some word of phrase, you can use a couple of question marks (??) and move on.
    • This way you won't be slow down by it and some native can add the missing parts afterwards
  • There is no need to type all interjections and fillers typical of verbal speech (ex. "ok?", "so", "mmm" ...)
  • It's ok to fix grammar errors made by the speaker where you see fit in order to make something more understandable for the readers
  • We aim to create subtitles suitable for hearing impaired people as well. Feel free to add tags for events that are not obvious for the viewer like applause or laughter out the scope of the camera (ex. [applause], [laughs] ... )
  • During the QA part at the end of the talks, introduce the question with a [question]: tag, and when the speaker answers, use a [speaker-name]: tag to make clear who is talking.
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