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[edit] Videoteam Sprint in Paris, November 4-6th 2011

We will have the opportunity to have a videoteam meeting at the IRILL office in Paris (see for information how to get there) from Friday, November 4th until Sunday, the 6th.

The goals of the meeting should probably be:

  • work on the boxes, improve labels and outside (+off site) inventory lists, etc
  • create permanent configurations for the most common use cases (fosdem, irill 1 & 2 room, debconf)
  • hack on dvswitch + debconf-package and fai-config-dir
  • documentation
  • $your suggestion here

The final list of goals will be discussed on location.

Travel funds sponsoring might be available on request. For doing so, please send mail to

You will need to arrange your own accomodation and food. Food is easy in Paris :-)

[edit] List of participants

Please add yourself here, if you plan to attend.

Name + email Nick Amount of travel sponsoring needed
Holger Levsen <holger at> h01ger 200 €
Kurt Roeckx <kurt at> Q_ 0 €
Ben Hutchings <> bwh 0 €
Wouter Verhelst <> wouter 0 €
Franklin Piat <> franklin 0 €
Sylvestre Ledru <> sylvestre 0 €
You Your nick 0 €

[edit] Report

A report of the sprint is available.

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