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[edit] Hardware, we'd like to have

At Debconf7 we spoke with the DPL at that time, Sam Hocevar, about using Debian funds (like 1-2000 Euro or so) to buy hardware for the videoteam to improve the quality of our work. He was in favor of that idea :-) So far we've only used funds to buy one radio mic for 222 euro, which already helped us a lot at FOSDEM 2008.

[edit] ideas

  • tripods
  • another twinpact? (or use a software dvsource for that??)
  • more radio mics
  • another behringer
  • a bigger behringer, p2 has offers for 255 euros
  • tripods
  • cameras
  • a "yearly budget" to ship our gear to Debian events, so it can be used there
  • long firewire cables:

[edit] Stuff we bought now already for Debconf8 (111.58 EUR remaining to save for future)

[edit] Stuff we also want to buy but could survive (somehow) without

[edit] Stuff we want after DebConf8

[edit] Hardware, we own

Should also be listed on

  • twinpact 100, vga2dv grabber (x3 at edrz)
  • behringer 1202 audio mixer (1 at edrz)
  • behringer 1622 audio mixer (1 at edrz)
  • Beyerdynamic Opus 155 Mk2 radio mic set (198.250 mhz) (3x -- at edrz)
  • beyerdynamic mce530 mic pair (2x: at edrz)
  • tbone hd990d headset (3x: 2 at edrz, 1 at Q)
  • 2x 20m xlrf-xlrm mic cables (4x: 2 at madduck, 2 at Q)
  • Numato Opsis boards - (3x at tumbleweed in SF)

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