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[edit] Switching the camera on

Just turn the power button to left to power on (this also open the lens covers). If you turn to the right. It will try to play a (nonexisting) tape.

[edit] Regular operation of the camera

  • Zoom with the "W" - "T" rocker on top
  • alternatively, use the "<< W" and ">> T" buttons below the display to zoom
  • Do not use the 'magnify' button; this creates a digital zoom that may create ugly artifacts in a stream
  • Beware of the 'light' button at the top left back of the camera; this will fire up a light to use the camera in low-light conditions, which may be distracting for the speaker or the audience and will do no good.

[edit] Tripod

The tripod should allow smooth panning and tilting, and hold steady when you aren't moving it. On the small tripods, there often isn't enough friction to hold the camera steady, so you need to lock the position.

To lock the camera in place, twist the handle counter-clockwise. To unlock, twist clockwise.

[edit] The camera beeps after focusing

  • press 'func'
  • choose the lowest option ("menu")
  • go to the settings icon ("hammer and wrench" icon)
  • switch "beep" to "off"

[edit] Switching the camera output format to DV rather than HDV

  • press 'func'
  • go to the menu
  • choose the second icon ("record", an arrow pointing to a rectangle with a circle inside)
  • choose "HD standard"
  • choose "DV (normal)"
  • ensure the sound is 16 bit.
  • ensure the switch on the left is on tape mode, not SD mode, or capture won't work.
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