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I (Georgesk 14:45, 26 August 2010 (UTC)) wish to animate a workshop about live media design. The main concern would be live media targetted for a precise need (for example tourism, education, etc.), usable in nomadic mode.

The people participating to this workshop are invited to modifiy the current wiki page, this will help to prepare the workshop. Please make a signature (type ~~~~ while editting this page) when you write something which is not quite general.


[edit] Please subscribe

Name interested in ...
Georges Khaznadar discussing your suggestions about using bootable media

[edit] A short introduction

PDF document made with LaTeX-Beamer, best viewed in presentation mode: Media:Media-vifs.pdf

you may use either of the following commands to view this short presentation:

xpdf -fullscreen Media-vifs.pdf 2
evince -s -p 2 Media-vifs.pdf

Knoppix-based USB stick booted in 30 seconds (video file): boot1.ogv

Xpdf is able to launch the video linked from the presentation, provided vlc is installed.

[edit] Live media generalities

A live medium is some piece of harware which is able to boot a computer, to do something useful with it. It can be a CDROM, a DVD, a USB stick or some other flash memory card, or a pluggable disk drive.

[edit] usage of live media

  • installation of a Debian system
  • nomadic customised system
  • ...

Banalized computers featuring an Internet connection may be a nice solution for sustainable development. Live media allow a nomadic use of such common connection places, with the following advantages:

  • money savings
  • lower carbon footprint
  • more social interactions

[edit] a few known distributions for a nomadic use

  • Edubuntu
  • ...

[edit] Specific tasks to design nomadic live media

Nomadic live media are of particular interest when they are cutomised to fit a precisely defined need.

Adding a set of packages from the main repository is not enough to make all of the customisation. When the customisation task is less than trivial, new tools may become useful.

I (Georgesk 12:40, 28 October 2010 (UTC)) can present some tools developed at OFSET (package freeduc-usb) which make easier the development of new bootable media.

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