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TODO: merge good ideas from DebConf10/Talk_Meister

[edit] before the event

  • Prepare the talk introduction
    • Name of the speaker
    • What are the activities of the speaker...
    • What is the title of the talk
    • What is the talk about (short intro)
  • Test the video with the laptop
  • Check that the laptop really has enough batteries (AC recommended)
  • The user should test the mic.
  • Check the battery led and the RF reception of the speaker mic. If the RF reception indicates less then 3 green bars, replace the battery. Reception should be checked when the microphone is on the stage.

[edit] During the event


  • Introduce the speaker (as prepared)
  • Remind the audience to wait for the the mic to ask questions

During the event:

  • Notify the speaker about remaining time (show the cards)
  • Pass the microphone to the people asking questions
  • Turn off the microphone when it's not in use

At the end:

  • Thank the speaker
  • Ask the speaker to make sure their presentation is up-to-date in Pentabarf

[edit] after the event

  • Bring back the microphones to the sound desk.
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