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[edit] Format for sponsors-list 2.0

We've introduced a new format for sponsor data in DC16. It's still experimental, so please comment on anything that seems difficult to work with, and we'll introduce changes as we go.

Each sponsor is listed in a separate file under dc16/sponsors-list. Each file has two sections, first a collection of colon-separated fields, that look like:

 Name: Company ABC

And second a collection of log entries, that look like:

 2015-05-04 [wendar] Updated contact information.

Log entries should have an empty line between them. The log entries or values for the fields can span multiple lines, just indent all lines after the first one:

 Field-Name: A really long value,
   that spans multiple lines,
   indented to show what belongs together.

Below is an example of all the fields a sponsor file may contain. Only Format, Name, and Status are required, all other fields can be left out of the file.

 Format: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/sponsors-list-format-2.0
 Name: sponsor name
 Status: legacy / new / contacted / interested / committed /
   invoiced / settled / thanked / declined
 Past-Sponsored: dc0, dc1, dc2...
 Tier: platinum / gold / silver / bronze / supporter
 Amount: 0,000.00 ZAR / EUR / USD
 Date-Confirmed: yyyy-mm-dd
 Date-Settled: yyyy-mm-dd
 Contact: Name <e-mail>
 Alt-Contact: Name <e-mail>
 Debian-Contact: Name <e-mail> (IRC nick)             ## NOTE: this is not the owner, see below…
 Form-Link: http://                                   ## NOTE: when submitting a sponsorship request through an online form
 Invoicing-By: SPI, Verein, debian.ch, debian.fr
 Language: fr
   on indented new line
 VAT-ID: CCddddddddd
 PO-Number: 00000
 Logo-Link: http://
 Logo-Source: dc-logos/
 TODO: free-form text (may include date and nickname like log messages)
 yyyy-mm-dd [nickname] log message
 yyyy-mm-dd [nickname] second log message, after a blank line
   with extra text on indented new line

[edit] So, who is the "owner"? Who is "Debian-Contact"?

We've decided against the concept of "owners" for a contact. Instead, the person who's written the last log entry is the one currently responsible for the potential sponsor. Before reaching out to this sponsor, this person should thus be consulted, to avoid confusing our contacts.

The field "Debian-Contact" is not the owner. Instead, this optional field holds pointers to people within the greater Debian universe who might be able to facilitate a lead.

[edit] What are "Alt-Contacts?

The primary contact for a sponsor is listed in the "Contact" field. "Alt-Contacts" are alternative contacts that might be approached if the primary becomes unavailable. However, contact should only really happen with the primary. If that person becomes unavailable permanently, then the data should be updated.

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