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Home of the old DebConf Global press team

This is old stuff, kept for archive purposes.

To see how it's been handled (and being handled) DebConf Press & Publicity these years, go to Publicity


[edit] Old Mailing Contacts

[edit] Old Members

  • USA DC10 localteam press contacts
    • Brian Gupta irc:bgupta
    • Biella
  • Brazil (Portuguese)
    • Rogério Brito
  • France (French)
    • Christian PERRIER
  • Bosnia (Bosnian) DC11 local press contacts
    • Adnan Hodzic irc:AbsintheSyringe
    • Velimir Iveljic irc:change_

[edit] Seeking translators and contacts

  • Spanish (Since many previous DebConfs have been in Spanish speaking countries, and it would be great to keep the news flow going)
  • German (Many Debian Developers speak German, and Germany has a large enough population to host Miniconfs.)
  • Norwegian (DC3 in Norway)
  • Finnish (DC6 in Finland)

[edit] Projects

  • DC10 Final pre-conference Press release
    • Translations
  • DC11 Site selection Press release
    • Translations

[edit] Archived Press releases

[edit] Old -team press emails

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