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[edit] Steps to help pick a new conference management system

  1. Choose a system to evaluate and put your name next to it
  2. Copy and paste the template below into a draft email
  3. Fill it out with the answers for the system you've chosen
    • It's free text, change it however you need, but try to keep it easy to compare.
  4. Email the result to
    • Use a Subject line beginning with [penta] so people can ignore it if they want.
  5. Discuss the resulting options via email and at meetings.

[edit] Systems to evaluate

Add any others to this list.

Software Name Software URL Language Evaluator Name
Frab Ruby
Zookeepr Python Jimmy
OpenConferenceWare Ruby
ConMan Python
Act (A Conference Toolkit) (psgi branch) Perl doesnt work
SCALEreg Python
Summit Python
Open Conference System (OCS) PHP gwolf
Comas (reloaded) Ruby gwolf
Symposion Python

[edit] Email template

Basic info

Software name:
Last sign of upstream activity:
Programming language:
Supported database backends:
Supported authentication backends:

DebConf requirements:

Ability to manage attendee data:

Talk submission workflow:

Talk rating workflow:

Talk feedback workflow:

Reporting ability:

Internationalization capability:

Ability to extend in a maintainable way:

Any other DebConf features already supported:

Have you ever successfully installed or hacked it? Was it hard?

Overall summary

Most important strengths:

Most important weaknesses:

Would you recommend we use it, and why?

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