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[edit] Mini-debconf in Cambridge, UK. Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th November 2013


[edit] The Plan

  • 2 days for a mini-DebCamp (Thursday and Friday), with space for dedicated development / sprint / team meetings for up to 40 people
  • 2 days for a more regular mini-conf with space for more general talks, up to 100 people
Cambridge miniconf
Group photo, see bottom for annotated version

[edit] The Location

We have space provided by ARM at their offices in Cambridge, UK.

ARM offices in Cambridge, UK

[edit] Sponsors

The following lovely companies are all contributing towards the cost of the event. Please be sure to thank them!

ARM ARM are hosting the conference, providing infrastructure etc. for us.
Boston Boston are sponsoring lunch for attendees on Thursday and Friday.
CitrixXen Citrix and Xen are sponsoring lunch for attendees on Saturday and Sunday, plus T-shirts.
Codethink & Baserock Codethink and Baserock are sponsoring dinner for attendees on Saturday evening.

[edit] Getting there

Cambridge is easy for access by

  • Road (M11, A14)
  • Rail (as little as 45 minutes from London King's Cross station)
  • Air (30 minutes from Stansted Airport Code: STN)

Once you're in Cambridge, there there are several ways to get to ARM. It's a couple of miles from the city centre or railway station, so it's walkable if you're keen or you might prefer something else.

  • There are lots of taxis (if you need to call for one, Panther are normally good - +44 1223 715715)
  • There are regular bus services that go along Cherry Hinton Road straight past ARM - look for the C1 or C3.
  • There are also several companies offering cycle rental for easy travel around the city.

[edit] Accommodation

There are many Debian people who live in and around Cambridge, so we have lots of locals to help show people around and arrange free accommodation / crash space for a lot of visitors.

ARM is in the SE corner of cambridge, next to Cherry Hinton, a couple of miles from Cambridge City centre.

If you'd prefer a hotel or B&B over dossing /crash space, here's a map showing accommodation locations and prices where known. No URLs yet.

There are 3 hotels and 18 B&Bs within reasonable distance. Mostly clustered on Cherry Hinton Rd, about halfway between ARM and the town centre. The closest hotel is the Holiday Inn Express but it's a km or so from any evening facilities. The Sorrento is about the same distance. Hotels are £66-100, B&Bs £40-55.

There are loads more (mostly expensive) hotels in the middle of town.

[edit] Catering

We're planning on eating at the ARM campus each lunchtime. On Thursday and Friday the normal ARM canteen will be open and there is a wide range of food on offer to suit most tastes. Our friends from Boston are sponsoring these lunches; more details on the day.

On Saturday and Sunday we'll order in sandwiches, pizza or similar. There are plenty of shops within 10 minutes' walk if you would prefer to do something different, of course. We also have sponsorship arranged for the Saturday and Sunday lunches already - please say thankyou to the Citrix and Xen folks!

On Saturday evening, we have arranged a BBQ dinner for people at Steve and Jo's house in northerm Cambridge. Again, this is sponsored - thanks to the nice people from Codethink and Baserock!

For other evenings, we'll most likely organise into smaller groups at the time - 40+ people in one pub is likely to be difficult! Cambridge is quite a cosmopolitan city with all sorts of restaurants - ask if you need recommendations.

[edit] Talk to us

We'll be using the IRC channel #debconf-cambridge on for chat during the mini-conf, and especially for anybody watching video and wanting to join in. We're on Twitter; connect to us @MiniDebConfCamb

[edit] Sprint sessions - Thursday and Friday

We will be hosting these in the Training Room in ARM1, the main building on the ARM Cambridge campus. Each day we will have our room available from 09:00 to 17:00. Look for the front desk in the reception area at the front of ARM1; we'll have people there from 08:30 each day. Turn up and sign in there please.

On both Thursday and Friday, Boston will be attending to show off their ARM-based Viridis server.

We will end up working on the new arm64 port and other ARM-related topics at the very least, but there's no reason to just stick to those. All are welcome!

Here is Zumbi's proposed agenda for a discussion about ARM ports etc.

Lars would also like to have a couple of round-table discussions about Automated system testing: one at the end of Thursday and one first thing Friday morning. The session on Saturday will be a summary of the discussion and some ideas for further work.

[edit] Talks - Saturday and Sunday

We will again be in ARM1 for the weekend sessions. We'll be using the big open Atrium in the centre of the building, which should give us plenty of space for both talks and some hacking. There's also a small meeting room available off the Atrium in case people want some separate space.

Please turn up at ARM1 from 08:30 onwards. We'll have the front desk in the reception area again. Please be sure to bring your badges from Thursday/Friday again if you already have them.

Here's the provisional schedule. Talk slots are 60 minutes long, but talks should fit into 55 minutes maximum, including questions, demos, dance routines, whatever. If talks run shorter, we will leave a gap and stick to the schedule, for the sake of any external participants.

If you have something else you'd like to talk about but not big enough for a full slot, feel free to sign up for a lightning session slot on either Saturday or Sunday lunchtime. If you're interesting enough you might even distract people from their lunch! :-)

[edit] Video

Some of the lovely DebConf video team was with us in Cambridge! During the event we set up video streaming live. Recordings of the talks are available online.

[edit] Saturday session

[edit] Sunday session

[edit] Lightning talks

Quick summary:

  • Chris Walker - Crunching data from the LHC
  • Hector Oron - Open Build Service
  • Joachim Breitner - Haskell build dependencies
  • Lars Wirzenius - backups
  • Jo McIntyre - Happy Birthday
  • James Bennet, Nick Davidson and Neil Williams - Pybit
  • Neil Williams and Fathi Boudra - LAVA
  • Daniel Silverstone - gfshare for keys

[edit] Photos

Andy Simpkins took some photos and they're available on his web site. He was also responsible for the group photo at the top of the page.

If you took photos, please feel free to add links here yourself!

[edit] Participants

Please fill in the table below with your details, including if you're planning on joining us for the hack/sprint sessions on Thu/Fri, the talks on Sat/Sun or both. If you have any special food requirements, make sure you let us know so we can help plan for catering. Please list all people individually, no "+1"s as we'll be using the list here to generate name badges etc.

N Name Mail Arrival Departure Confirmed PGP ID Thu Fri Sat Sun Food Notes T-shirt size (if added before 25th October)
1 Steve McIntyre Lives in Cambridge Yes 3442684E Y Y Y Y XXL
2 Wookey Lives in Cambridge Yes A86F9E47 Y Y Y Y M
3 Dmitrijs Ledkovs Thursday 12:08 Sunday 18:20 Yes 8B3C16AE Y Y Y Y M
4 Colin Watson Lives in Cambridge Yes 4917A514 Y Y ? ? M
5 Ian Campbell Lives in Cambridge Yes 79074FA8 XL
6 Enrico Zini TBD TBD Yes 797EBFAB In need of crash space L
7 Sebastian Reichel STN 2013-11-13 19:20 (FR3633) STN 2013-11-17 19:45 (FR3634) Yes C83BFA9A Y Y Y Y No restriction Stays at "Hamden Guesthouse" L
8 Hector Oron TBD FR8321 STN 20:15 Nov 17 Yes 76E2AC7B Y Y Y Y No restriction Arrange my own XL
9 Javi Merino vicho@d.o Lives in Cambridge Yes 768D3824 Y Y Y Y No restriction M
10 Adam D. Barratt adsb@d.o Yes Y Y Y Y Sledge's L
11 Neil Williams codehelp@d.o Lives in Cambridge Yes 8143B682 Y Y Y Y XL
12 Joerg Jaspert joerg@d.o B12525C4 Need sleeping space XXL
13 Ben Hutchings benh@d.o Lives in Cambridge Lives in Cambridge Y 95861109 ? ? Y Y vegetarian M
14 Lars Wirzenius Wed Sun Yes 5E8511F9 Y Y Y Y none
15 Mark Hymers mhy@d.o Fri Sun Y N N Y Y L
16 Daniel Silverstone By car (Wed evening) By car (Sun evening) Y 3CCEBABE206C3B69 Y Y Y Y Salad/fruit *please* even if I have to sponsor it Will find a hotel XXL+ (prefers caravan-covers)
17 Simon Richter CBG 2013-11-13 21:35 (F7553) CBG 2013-11-17 18:45 (F7552) Y 18A0CC8D5706A4B4 Y Y Y Y May need crash space L
18 Chris Boot Thursday Sunday 100% FB099999 Y Y Y Y No nuts! L
19 Simrun Basuita 25A742AC Y Y XL
20 Daniel Richman 15E1C92A M
21 Jon Ward (Aardvark) Local to Cambridge Yes Y Y Y Y Pescetarian L
22 Andrew Shadura STN 2013-11-13 22:30 (FR2317) STN 2013-11-18 6:15 (FR2314) Pretty sure 6EA4D2311A2D268D Y Y Y Y Om nom nom nom Need sleeping space L
23 Albin Tonnerre TBD, Thu morning TBD, Sun afternoon Yes 5BB6E4A5 Y Y Y Y M
24 Edward Macnaghten Thursday AM Sunday PM Pretty Sure Y Y Y Y XXL
25 Mike Crowe Lives in Cambridge Y E4936970D0972DF3 N N Y Y No cheese. L
26 Konstantinos Margaritis not coming not coming No 6437124C N N N N L
27 Adam Conrad TBD TBD Yes C6CEA0C9 Y Y Y Y I like food M
28 Riku Voipio riku@d.o Wed PM Sun PM Yes CAEAAF03 Y Y Y Y S
29 Rhalina (Franziska Lichtblau) not coming not coming No 91EC5CD5 N N N N Prefer veg (not strict) 0% M
30 Carl Chenet TBD TBD Yes 8CD736E2 Y Y Y N eat everything M
31 Joanne McIntyre Lives in Cambridge Yes Y Y Y Y eat most things XXL
32 Fathi Boudra TBD TBD Pretty sure 6AA572F7 Y Y Y Y L
33 Y_Plentyn (Arne Wichmann) not coming not coming No B80D4B3E N N N N Prefer veg (not strict) 0% XL
34 Lisa Baron adsb@d.o Yes Y Y Y Y Gluten free Sledge's S
35 Philip Hands Yes 0125D5C0 Y Y Y Y may need crash space XL
36 Holger Levsen holger@d.o I won't attend I won't attend No 069AAA1C N N N N vegetarian I won't attend none
37 Cleto Martín Friday night Sun. (train to Bristol) Yes 00EF5DFB N N Y Y B&B M
38 Andy Simpkins (RattusRattus) andy-debian@koipond org uk local to Cambridge yes 51FA8E9C Y Y Y Y Y Can offer crash space (taken enrico) XXL
39 Peter Green (plugwash) Thursday lunchtime Friday teatime Yes 0C48EA2A7A8FFD7B Y Y N N XXL
40 Joachim Breitner (nomeata) TBD will stay in Cambridge Yes 4743206C N N Y Y yes, please M
41 JonathanWiltshire jmw at debian Thu AM Sun PM Yes 0xD3524C51 Y Y Y Y please B&B M
42 ChrisWalker TBC TBC No please TBC XL
43 Will Deacon Lives in Cambridge Yes 3E542FD9 Y Y Y Y M
44 Ivo De Decker ivodd@d.o TDB TDB pretty sure 0217E8D8 Y Y Y Y Y L
45 Daniel Glassey wdg@d.o Lives in Cambridge Yes AF060C5A N N Y Y M
46 Leif Lindholm Lives in Cambridge Yes ? ? Y Y XL
47 Steve Capper Lives in Cambridge Yes ? ? Y Y XL
48 Alexander Clouter Crashing at friends place Yes ? ? Y Y L
49 Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo mafm@d.o Living nearby Yes 7F7606A445DCA80E Y Y Y Y Dairy-free, preferably spice-free L
50 Marc Zyngier Living nearby Yes D13D7A43 N ? Y Y No restrictions M
51 Ian Jackson Living nearby Yes ? ? Y Y L
52 Andrew Wafaa Living nearby Yes 3A36312F Y Y Y Y No Restrictions L
53 Vincent Sanders Live locally Yes Y Y Y Y Vegetarian XL
54 Michael Tautschnig Living nearby Yes 76D52AC4 N N Y Y No restrictions L
55 Pawel Moll Living nearby Yes 5F5DAE4F N N Y Y No restrictions M
56 Paul Elliott Fri Sun Y CAD2BDBF N N Y Y M
57 Teemu Hukkanen Fri Sun Yes 9C2001D0 N N Y Y Vegetarian Need crash space M
58 Brett Parker Yes N N Y Y Need crash space XL
59 Dererk Fri from London City Sun ~21hs LHR Yes EBE2D002 N Y Y Y Yes, please. XL
60 Jelmer Friday evening Sunday evening Yes D729A457 N Y Y Y prefer vegetarian M
61 Andy Cater N/A N/A Not coming 1DD2DE8D Y Y Y Y Can't make it now :( XL
62 Olly Betts olly@d.o Thursday am Saturday evening or Sunday morning Y 3BAD2B07 Y Y Y N Veggie L
63 Federico Ceratto Friday afternoon Sunday evening Y N Y Y Y Veggie L
64 Vin Everett live nearby N N Y Y XXL
65 Bob Easthope live nearby Yes N N Y Y XXL
66 Rodolph Perfetta live nearby Yes N N Y ?
67 Stefano Rivera stefanor@d.o Wed (in London) Mon Yes 0xCD92D072 Y Y Y Y easy XL
68 Daniel Medina Wed Mon Yes Y Y Y Y No restriction L

69 Mark Brown Wed Mon Yes 30F5D8EB Y Y Y Y No restriction L
70 Jeffrey Yu Yes N Y N N No restriction
71 James Hopwood Yes Y N N N No restriction
72 Aniuska Dominguez Yes N N N Y No restriction
73 Nick Davidson live nearby Yes N N Y Y No restriction
74 James Bennet live nearby Yes N N Y Y No restriction
75 Steve Cotton live nearby Yes Y ? N ? No restriction
76 Edward Betts live nearby Yes N N N Y No restriction Sorry about late registration
77 SImon Carter Friday night Sun. (train to Manchester) Yes N N Y Y Allergic to prawns and chicken B&B XXL
78 John Sturdy Lives locally Lives locally Yes N N Y Y Any OK

[edit] Annotated group photo

Annotated photo, see below for names

(Please fill in / correct!)

Name - aka / IRC nick

  1. Steve McIntyre - Sledge
  2. Jo McIntyre - Randombird
  3. Lisa Baron - Juff
  4. Daniel Silverstone - Kinnison
  5. Andy Simpkins - RattusRattus
  6. Mike Crowe - mac
  7. Daniel Glassey - Glasseyes
  8. Sebastian Reichel
  9. Edward Betts
  10. Nick Bane
  11. Enrico Zini - enrico
  12. Cleto Martin - cleto
  13. Malcolm Parsons
  14. Phil Hands - fil
  15. Chris Walker
  16. Riku Voipio - suihkulokki
  17. Neil Williams - codehelp
  18. Edward Macnaghten - eddy
  19. Wookey - wookey
  20. Fathi Boudra - fabo
  21. Vincent Sanders - kyllikki
  22. Paul Elliott - omahn
  23. Ian Campbell - ijc
  24. Ben Hutchings - bwh
  25. Joachim Breitner - nomeata
  26. Steve Capper
  27. Chris Boot - bootc
  28. Lars Wirzenius - liw
  29. Hector Oron - zumbi
  30. Adam Conrad - infinity
  31. Stefano Rivera - tumbleweed
  32. Nick Davidson - nickd
  33. Colin Watson - cjwatson
  34. Ian Jackson - Diziet
  35. Andrew Shadura - andrewsh
  36. Alexander clouter - jimdigriz
  37. Simon Richter - GyrosGeier
  38. Adam Barratt - adsb
  39. Leif Lindholm - leiflindholm
  40. Jonathan Wiltshire - jmw
  41. Natalie Mayer-Hutchings - nattie
  42. Mark Hymers - mhy
  43. James Bennet
  44. Jon Ward - Aardvark
  45. Javi Merino - vicho
  46. Mark Brown - broonie
  47. Ivo De Decker
  48. Jelmer Vernooij
  49. Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo - mafm
  50. Aniuska Dominguez
  51. Dmitrijs Ledkovs - xnox
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