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Two days in a weekend: Saturday 24 and sunday 25 of November, in Le Kremlin-Bicètre, very close to Paris.


[edit] Details

Épita, rue Pasteur, Le Kremlin-Bicètre
Very close to Paris.
Getting there
  • subway: line 7 “Porte d'Italie“ station (5 min walk)
  • bus: lines 47, 125, 131, 185 “Roger Salengro” stop (5 min walk), line 186 “Pierre Brossolette” stop (5 min walk);
  • bike: two bicycle rental stations to take or give back city bikes at ~500 metres, in red in the OpenCycleMap, however getting to the school by bike is really not easy;
  • see the official access map for more information.
November 24 and 25 (weekend, Saturday and Sunday).
Current status 
waiting for proposals
Announcement on debian-devel-announce
Dedicated mailing list to talk about the event.
Room capacities
Amphi #4: between 170 and 200 seats
Amphi P10 (hacklab?): between 80 and 100 seats

[edit] TODO

  • Find volunteers for frontdesk

[edit] Done

[edit] Content of the event

This section presents the possibilites of talks and workshops for the mini-debconf Paris 2012.

[edit] Schedule of the event

Published on the official website

[edit] Key signing party

There will be a signing party on Sunday from 11:45 to 13:00.

To help us organize it efficiently, please:

  1. send your public key to Tanguy;
  2. print some copies of your key fingerprint;
  3. print the attendees list you will receive before the event;
  4. come with all that stuff, one or two identity documents and a pen.

It will also be possible to get accredited for CAcert. If you want to participate in the CAcert accreditation, please come with:

  • if you are already an assurer or close to become one, some copies of the accreditation form pre-filled with your name as the assurer;
  • in all cases, some copies of the accreditation form pre-filled with your name as the requester;
  • two or more identity documents.

[edit] Meetings

  • TBA

[edit] Participants

N Name Mail Arrival Departure Confirmed PGP ID Notes
1 Sylvestre Ledru *anonymized* Lives in Paris Yes
2 Raphaël Hertzog hertzog _AT_ Saturday 9h03 at Gare de Lyon Sunday 18h57 at Gare de Lyon Yes F2AC729A Comes from Saint Etienne
3 Tanguy Ortolo tanguy Lives in Paris Yes 4B10D847
4 Loic Dachary loic AT Lives in Paris Yes 497A176D
5 Frederik Brosson fbrosson \AT/ yahoo \D0T/ com n/a n/a Yes→No (unless I recover)
6 Cyril Bouthors Yes EAAC62DF
7 Mehdi Dogguy mehdi "à" d.o Yes
8 Enrico Tassi gareuselesinge @ d.o Lives in Paris Yes 0123f2f2
9 Ralf Treinen treinen @ d.o Lives in Paris Yes D4CACDFF
10 Daniel Pocock Likely, not 100% 7BD756C4 Based in CH, potentially car-pool from Zurich
11 Olivier Berger obergix à d.o 7C5BB6A5
12 Santiago Ruano R. santiago _AT_ Probably 6FECCDE0/00A80662 Going from Brest
13 Thomas Blein tblein _AT_ Lives in Paris Yes 88463BB7
14 Nicolas Dandrimont nicolas.dandrimont <snail> Lives near Paris Yes 66475AAF
15 Julien Danjou Lives in Paris Likely 8B78A5C2
16 Thomas Vincent thomas _AT_ Saturday 09:00 Sunday 19:00 Yes D38F11A3 Coming from Nantes
17 Jérémy Lal kapouer _AT_ Likely DD39F374 from Poitiers by train
18 Thomas Preud'homme robotux _AT_ Live in Paris Yes BD52529E
19 Bastien Roucariès roucaries.bastien at Live near Paris Likely 4306C0D0
20 Luca BRUNO lucab at d.o Saturday 07:00 Sunday 19:00 Confirmed 3BFB9FB3 Coming from Nice by train
21 Muammar EL KHATIB muammar at d.o Friday evening Sunday afternoon (TBD) Likely (not yet booked) I live in Toulouse
22 Sébastien Villemot sebastien at d.o Lives in Paris Likely 381A7594
23 Thierry Beigbeder p.n at Saturday morning Sunday 12:00 Likely
24 Vincent Bernat bernat at d.o Lives in Paris Yes 353525F9
25 Yann Rouillard yann at Lives in Versailles Yes
26 Frédéric Moreau kiriarat _ free Lives near Paris Yes
27 Laurent Tupin laurent _AT_ Clichy Yes
28 Serghei Mihai serghei.mihai _AT_ Lives in Paris Yes BF2FA1AF
29 Luc Didry luc _AT_ Friday Yes D0257E3C Comes from Nancy
30 Abel AFENDULIS Lives in Paris Yes
31 Vincent Hobeïka vincent.hobeika _AT_ Friday evening Sunday afternoon (16~17h) Yes 2965A78F Comes from Lyon (by train)
32 Qianlong Morel qianlongzhao _AT_ Friday evening (very late) or Saturday morning Sunday afternoon(sncf) Yes
33 Guillaume Morel huey405 _AT_ Friday evening (very late) or Saturday morning Sunday afternoon(sncf) Yes
34 Stéphane Glondu glondu Saturday morning Sunday evening Yes 49881AD3 Coming from Nancy
35 Eugene V. Lyubimkin jackyf at d.o Friday evening Sunday evening Yes C154998C Comes by plane via CDG airport
36 Emmanuel Bouthenot kolter at d.o Saturday morning Sunday evening Yes 929D42C3
37 Sébastien Luttringer Lives in Paris 2072D77A
38 Sebastien Badia sebastien AT badia DOT fr Friday Yes 2EAFF1F7 Comes from Nancy
39 Emile Morel emile AT bleuchtang DOT fr Friday Yes Comes from Nancy
40 Martín Ferrari Friday evening Sunday evening Yes AAA22456 From Dublin, via Tille/Beauvais
41 Said MALLA Lives in Paris Yes
42 Thomas DAVID t @ g Lives in Paris Likely
43 Ben Hutchings TBD TBD Likely
44 Natalie Mayer-Hutchings TBD TBD Likely
45 Jean Baptiste Favre debian _AT_ jbfavre _DOT_ org Lives in Paris Yes 35C2E2F1
46 Clément Hermann clement _DOT_ hermann _AT_ free _DOT_ fr Saturday morning Monday Yes EBD1399D Coming from Grenoble
47 Vincent Legout Lives in Paris Yes 58A23DE9
48 Holger Levsen Friday Sunday evening Yes vegetarian, needs a place to stay
49 gregor herrmann Friday noon Monday noon Yes 8649AA06
50 Mònica Ramírez Arceda Friday noon Monday morning Yes 1A49C0D2
51 Jean-Michel Vourgère Lives in Paris Yes 56164AC2
52 Grégoire Menuel Saturday Sunday Yes
53 Ana Guerrero ana AT d.o Saturday Sunday Yes 6AA15948
54 Aurélien Jarno aurel32 AT d.o Saturday Sunday Yes F1BCDB73
55 Fabien Givors f+debian at Saturday Sunday Yes 5E2B115E
56 Bill Allombert Saturday Sunday Coming from Bordeaux
57 Stefano Zacchiroli Lives in Paris Yes 6D866396
58 Faidon Liambotis Thursday Yes 1EEC8F0E
59 Yves-Alexis Perez Lives in Paris 71EF0BA8
60 Frédéric Lehobey Saturday Sunday Yes 1024D/2B022951
61 Eric COLAS Lives in Paris only saturday 9A447D4A
62 Léo Cavaillé leo at Lives near Paris Yes DD44B67C
63 Gautier Minster fool \at Lives near Paris Yes E7B1DEA2
64 Benoît Gastinne udyrfrykte at Sunday Yes 22EBEA93
65 Lucas Nussbaum lucas@d.o Friday afternoon Sunday Yes
66 Marion Guthmuller Friday Sunday Yes
67 Lilian Besson (Naereen) naereen [AT] crans [DoT] org Saturday Sunday Yes
68 Julien BREYAULT julien.breyault/chez/ Saturday morning Saturday evening Yes Linux teacher @ IUT Sénart
69 Thibaut Girka Lives near Paris Likely A7FE5DD6
70 André Lasfargues Sunday 11 h Sunday 17 h 30 Yes D6D6325F Université d'Orléans
71 Léo Girardin *anonymised* Lives in Paris Yes F1BF01F4
72 Andrew Alderwick andrew at alderwick dot co dot uk Saturday 1300 Sunday 1700 Yes C6BEA800 From Cambridge, via Eurostar
73 Nicolas Noirbent Lives in Paris Yes
74 Gregory Colpart gcolpart AT Friday Saturday evening only saturday B8612B5D From Marseille by train
75 Julien Rouhaud julien.rouhaud _AT_ Yes DF1293AA
76 Hai Nguyen Van nguyenva _AT_ Yes D0622AB2 Student at the Université Paris Diderot
77 Laurent Navet prénom.nom (at) gmail dot com Saturday Morning Sunday Afternoon Yes 3126775B
78 Jean Michel Vansteene johnvax (at) saturne dot fr dot eu dot org Lives near Paris Yes
79 Carsten Schönert Friday ~20:00 Sunday ~15:00 Yes
80 Guido Günther agx (at) Friday ~20:00 Sunday ~15:00 Yes
81 Romain Dessort romain chez Yes for saturday 724BC532 From Marseille by train
82 Michael Scherer misc chez Yes
83 intrigeri intrigeri @ d.o Yes A57498FF
84 Cyril Brulebois kibi @ d.o Friday night Sunday night Yes 747935DD/C2B35520 From Rennes by train
85 Carl Chenet chaica @ d.o Lives in Paris Yes 8CD736E2
86 Tom Larédo tom \dot laredo /at gmail \. com Friday evening from Grenoble Sunday evening Yes From Grenoble by train
87 Louis De Sousa louis (dot) de (dot) sousa at crdp (dot) ac-versailles (dot) fr Lives near Paris Yes
88 Michaël Clergeot mclergeot at ac-versailles (dot) fr Lives near Paris Yes
89 Michel Barret michel.barret.debconf at gmail (dot) com Friday evening from Grenoble Sunday afternoon Yes From Grenoble by train
90 Sylvain Berfini sylvain.berfini at linphone (dot) org Friday evening from Grenoble Sunday afternoon Yes From Grenoble by train
91 Nicolas Boulenguez nicolas at debian dot org Yes 490DFC8D
92 Arnaud Patard arnaud dot patard at rtp - net dot org yes
93 Benoît Bréholée benoit at breholee dot org Friday evening Sunday afternoon Yes 4583D5F1
94 David Douard not both days (still unsure) 0D00DAE3 Lives in Paris
95 Luca Capello Friday 23:00 Sundary 18:00 Yes 06EAA066E397832F from Genève by car
96 Michael Germini Friday 23:00 Sundary 18:00 Yes from Genève by car
97 Damien Garaud Live in suburb Yes for Saturday, not sure for Sunday E28C860E
98 Raphaël Walther raphael (dot) walther (at) Friday 23:00 Sundary 18:00 Yes 3C062189 from Genève by car
99 Rémi Palancher remi (at) rezib (dot) org Lives in Paris Yes
100 Rodolphe Quiédeville rodolphe (at) quiedeville (dot) org Yes 72F1F20D
101 Pascal Fautrero pascal.fautrero (at) crdp (dot) ac-versailles (dot) fr Lives near Paris Yes
102 Benoit Bayol *anonymized* Lives in Paris Yes
103 Jérémie Decock *anonymized* Lives near Paris Likely
104 Grégoire Henry *anonymized* Lives near Paris Likely
105 Benoît Jardin *anonymized* Lives near Paris Yes
106 Baptiste Mouterde baptiste.mouterde+debian (4t) gmail )d0t( com Saturday morning Sunday afternoon ~15:00 Yes 4096R/FEDFEA1A
107 Augustin Parret-Fréaud apf (4t) crans )d0t( org Lives in Paris Yes
108 Christophe Fergeau teuf (at) gnome (dot) org Lives in Paris Yes 7A56F78E

109 Alexandre Delanoë debian (at) delanoe (dot) org Yes Coming from Nice

110 Bernard Conein *anonymized* Yes for sunday Coming from Nice

111 Zied ABID Yes

[edit] Couches

Have a couch in Paris? Want to welcome someone attending the Mini-debconf Paris 2012? Please let your information here:

N Name Mail Couches available from Couches available until Number of couches Guests Notes
1 Tanguy Ortolo tanguy flexible, to be discussed 1 1
2 Thomas Preud'homme robotux _AT_ 2 (1 double bed) 2

[edit] Tourism, eating

[edit] Help

[edit] Organizers

  • Sylvestre Ledru - Main contact :
  • Mehdi Dogguy - mehdi []


A huge thanks to Valessio S Brito for the official logo.

[edit] Pictures of the event

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