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[edit] Daylight Saving Time between saturday and sunday

In France we have the Daylight Saving Time occuring during the night of october 31. It means that Sunday morning at 03:00AM, you have to set your clock at 02:00AM. Think about it or you'll be early in at conferences Sunday :)

[edit] Details

  • Location : Université Paris 7, 175-179 rue du Chevaleret, 75013 Paris, France OpenStreetMap.
  • Getting there :
    • subway: line 6 “Chevaleret” station (1 min walk), line 14 and line RER C “Bibliothèque François Mitterrand” station (5 min walk);
    • buse: lines 62 and 89 “Bibliothèque François Mitterrand” stop (5 min walk), line 27 “Clisson” stop (5 min walk);
    • bike: cycle track on boulevard Vincent Auriol, city bike rental station near the event location;
    • see the official access map for more information.
  • Duration: two days (+ 1 hour because of daylight saving).
  • Date : October 30 and 31 (saturday and sunday).
  • Current status : schedule is online.
  • Announcement on debian-devel-announce.
  • Mailing list to talk about the event. Include [Mini-DebConf Paris 2010] in the subject of your email. It is mainly in french.
  • Rooms capacity: ~45 seats for each room

[edit] Content of the event

This section presents the possibilites of conferences and workshops for the mini-debconf Paris 2010.

[edit] Schedule of the event

[edit] Talks

Start time End time Saturday talks Sunday talks
09h30 10h00 Introduction to Mini-DebConf Paris by staff members
10h00 10h40 The first Debian package by Jérémy Lal - [slides] Smart cards in Debian by Ludovic Rousseau - slides
11h00 11h40 Introducing Perl team by Xavier Oswald, Gregor Herrmann and Dominique Dumont Python in Debian : current situation and near future by Carl Chenet
12h00 12h40 High level package search interfaces by Enrico Zini - [slides] Conquering the education by Louis-Maurice De Sousa

Extending the GCC compiler with MELT to suit your needs by Basile Starynkevitch

12h40 14h00 Lunch break Lunch break
14h00 14h40 Bts-link by Olivier Berger - cancelled Managing translations of manual pages with po4a by Denis Barbier
15h00 15h40 Ubuntu and Debian by Lucas Nussbaum - slides Package config upgrade with Config::Model with GSoC improvements by Dominique Dumont
16h00 16h40 Newest features of dpkg-dev by Raphaël Hertzog - slides Debian Quality Assurance by Lucas Nussbaum - slides
17h00 17h40 Scientific computing with Debian at EDF by Josselin Mouette - slides New features of Debian Pure Blends and newly started Blends by Andreas Tille - slides
17h40 18h00 Closing talk by staff members

[edit] Workshops

Start time End time Saturday workshops Sunday workshops
11h00 12h00 Designing live media by Georges Khaznadar. Please subscribe in that page. Smartcard workshop by Jean-Michel Poure. Download presentation slides
14h00 15h00 Packaging Java software built with Maven using maven-debian-helper tools by Ludovic Claude
15h00 16h00 Packaging and Patch Management with GIT by Thomas Koch
16h00 17h00 Packaging a Python application or a Python library by Carl Chenet Config model creation for config upgrades or end-user config editor by Dominique Dumont. Note: Attendees are kindly requested to install Config::Model, Config::Model::TkUI and Config::Model::Itself on their laptop before attending. Either from Debian/sid packages or CPAN

[edit] Bug Squashing Party

We also organized a BSP which be held in the same building (exact room numbers will be added later). Please subscribe yourself on if you intend to participate/attend.

[edit] Key signing party

The time slot is Sunday, from 14h00 to 15h00.

[edit] Talks details

Talk proposals are closed. Thanks to everyone !.

Speaker Topic Time Language
Jérémy Lal The first Debian package 40 mn French or English depending on audience (slides in English)
Carl Chenet Python in Debian : current situation and near future 40 mn English
Xavier Oswald, Gregor Herrmann and Dominique Dumont Introducing Perl team 40 mn Slides in English. Talk can be done in French or English depending on audience (slides in English)
Olivier Berger Bts-link 40 mn
Lucas Nussbaum Debian Quality Assurance 40 mn French, at least for the talking part (slides in english)
Raphaël Hertzog Newest features of dpkg-dev 40 mn slides in English
Enrico Zini High level package search interfaces (apt-xapian-index, axi-cache, fuss-launcher, software-centre...) 40 mn English, unless there are only French people in the audience. (slides in English)
Ludovic Rousseau Smart cards in Debian 40 mn slides in English
Josselin Mouette Scientific computing with Debian at EDF 40 mn slides in English
Andreas Tille New features of Debian Pure Blends and newly started Blends 40 mn English (slides in English)
Basile Starynkevitch Extending the GCC compiler with MELT to suit your needs 40 mn
Lucas Nussbaum Ubuntu and Debian 40 mn French, at least for the talking part (slides in English
Dominique Dumont Package config upgrade with Config::Model with GSoC improvements 40 mn Slides in English. Talk can be done in French or English depending on audience
Denis Barbier Managing translations of manual pages with po4a 40 mn French
Louis-Maurice De Sousa Conquering the education, plans width « Académie de Versailles » 40 mn French or English depending on audience

[edit] Workshops details

Speaker Topic Duration Language
Carl Chenet Packaging a Python application or a Python library 1 hour English
Georges Khaznadar see Designing live media; please subscribe in that page 1 hour French or English
Jean-Michel Poure Smartcard workshop, download presentation slides 1 hour English
Dominique Dumont Config model creation for config upgrades or end-user config editor 1 hour English or French
Thomas Koch Packaging and Patch Management with GIT 1 hour English
Ludovic Claude Packaging Java software built with Maven using maven-debian-helper tools 1 hour English or French

[edit] Meetings

  • Debian kernel Meeting (maximilian attems)

[edit] Key signing party

Informal or list-based, depending on the number of attendants.

Please note your PGP ID on the list below, so that I can generate a list and publish it for everyone to check their key fingerprint. (Tanguy Ortolo)

The generated file was posted here. Just check the whole thread here.

Also as a reminder the key signing party howto.

If you expect to make use of a list you should:

- check your key id and fingerprint on the file you intend to use (there is the txt and the pdf now :(( )

- compute the checksums of that file to globally check the consistency of the file.

[edit] Save the trees! here is a printout on 4 pages for the keysigning party

If you prefer a paper document for the key signing party, here is re reworkes list reworked with pdfLaTeX. It will eat 4 pages rather than 13: Media:Ksp.pdf

[edit] Signing the well-checked keyids, with pius

You attended the keysigning party, and it is perhaps the first time you this number of keys to be signed. You can do it conveniently with packages designed to make easier this task, like pius.

Install the package pius, read the manpage.

Check whether there exists no directory /tmp/pius_out. Pius creates a new directory with a predictable name in /tmp, which can be considered as a security issue.

Create a file which contains every keyid which you are willing to sign, one per line. The keyid is a word made of 8 hexadecimal digits, which can be found at the end of the key's fingerprint. Write the 8 digits with no space left in the file you will create. As an alternative, you can copy and paste keyids from the document which was used to print the list used during the keysigning party.

[edit] Retreiving the keys

Suppose that this file is named /tmp/keyids. Then you can fetch every key and add it to your default keyring (or just refresh it in the key ring with the command:

gpg --recv-keys $(cat /tmp/keyids)

For some keyids, you may receive the error message: "key xxxxxxxx not found on keyserver". Then write to the key's owner and ask him to send his key to you directly in an ascii-armored format, or better to upload it to a server. You can invite him/her to use the same keyserver as you do.

making the list of the keys you could retreive: the following command copies the keys which are on your keyring into the file /tmp/received-keys

for k in $(cat /tmp/keyids); do if gpg --list-keys $k > /dev/null 2>&1; then echo $k; fi; done > /tmp/received-keys

[edit] Signing the keys, and mailing them

Pius automates the signature of the keys and their sending by e-mail, especially if you trigger the -a switch to use gpg-agent, or the -p switch to make pius cache the passphrase, in order to avoid asking your passphrase for each of the keys. Here is a useful command to sign the series of approved keys:

pius -a -m <sender's e-mail address> -s <signing keyid> $(cat /tmp/received-keys )

For each key, you are asked about the trust level which you want to attribute it. If a caching mechanism is in use, you are asked your passphrase only once.

If you want to sign the keys with another personal key, you will have to run the previous command again, while changing the signer's keyid.

[edit] Participants

N Name Mail Arrival Departure Confirmed PGP ID Notes
1 Xavier Oswald *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes 4096R/464B8DE3
2 Carl Chenet *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes 4096R/8CD736E2
3 Raphaël Hertzog *anonymized* 2010/10/29 (evening) 2010/11/01 (morning) Yes 4096R/F2AC729A
4 Franklin Piat *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes Willing to help
5 Emmanuel Bouthenot *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes 4096R/929D42C3 from Bordeaux by train
6 Damien Raude-Morvan *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes 4096R/33E749FC and 1024D/85C79389
7 Mehdi Dogguy *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes
8 Christian Perrier *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes 1024D/C0143D2D,4096R/4D6E25A8
9 Olivier Berger *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/31 Likely
10 Stefano Zacchiroli *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/31 Yes
11 Thomas Koch *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/11/02 Yes 4096R/042BA65A NoFrenchSpeaking, need accommodation for my wife and me
12 Josselin Mouette *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
13 Ana Guerrero *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
14 Aurélien Jarno *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
15 Sergiu Mihai *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/BF2FA1AF
16 Julien Valroff *anonymized* 2010/10/30 midday 2010/10/31 evening Yes 1024D/9F71D449 - 4096R/258E26B1 Coming by train from Remiremont through Nancy
17 Andreas Tille *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/C09FD35A
18 Vanessa Bodard *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
19 Ludovic Claude *anonymized* 2010/... 2010/... Yes 4096R/B21B3EBD
20 Laurent Tupin *anonymized* ... ... Yes
21 Moray Allan *anonymized* ... ... Yes 4096R/35FC140B
22 gregor herrmann *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/11/06 Yes 4096R/8649AA06 bad French, staying in Paris longer
23 Tanguy Ortolo *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/4B10D847 cyclist
24 Léopold Baillard *anonymized* 2010/10/30 (afternoon) 2010/10/31 Yes
25 Yves-Alexis Perez *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Maybe, one day 4096R/71EF0BA8
26 Stéphane Glondu *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes 4096R/49881AD3
28 Nicolas Boulenguez *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 2048R/8CD4D59A
29 Jérémie Koenig *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 No :-(
30 Éric Araujo *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/DF8AB676 can speak German and Italian (not technical though)
31 Frédéric Lehobey *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 or 2010/11/01 Yes 1024D/2B022951
32 Ignace Mouzannar *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/686FF87F
33 Glenn Y. Rolland *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/0A1D79E7
34 Etienne Millon *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 2048R/94E55E55
35 Ludovic Rousseau *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/E07F1CF9


from Marseille by TGV
36 Axel Beckert *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/95930EDE from Zurich by TGV or night train
37 Julien Danjou *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/8B78A5C2
38 Georges Khaznadar *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/11691130 4096R/7136AE39 from Dunkerque by TGV.
39 Stéphane Jourdois *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/3FDAA64B Live in Paris
40 Julien Viard de Galbert *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/D00E52B6
41 Louis De Sousa *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
42 Frédéric Péters *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 No :(
43 Omar Aboura *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
44 Alexandre Dupas *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
45 Guido Serra *anonymized* 2010/10/29 (evening) 2010/10/31 (evening) Yes 1024D/93032072 Je ne parle pas français
46 Alexandre Fayolle *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 yes 1024D/DF67A55E
47 Enrico Zini *anonymized* 2010/10/28 2010/11/01 Yes 4096R/E7AD5568 1024D/797EBFAB
48 Lucas Nussbaum *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
49 Mike Hommey *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Unlikely
50 Holger Levsen *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/069AAA1C 1024D/AC583520
51 Laurent Arnoud *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 2048R/51A72128 Talk on IRC, Sam is OK.
52 Gregory Colpart *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/B8612B5D
53 Luca Capello *anonymized* 2010/10/29 22:49 2010/10/31 19:08 Yes 4096R/E397832F I will come by TGV train from Genève to the Gare de Lyon (arrival/departure, times of the TGV trains at the rail station)
54 Bastien ROUCARIES *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Likely
55 Jérémy LAL *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/074141DC
56 Alban Peignier *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
57 Adrien Waksberg *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Maybe I am a french student, and i have a bad english.
58 Patrick Augé *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Maybe
59 Mathieu Malaterre *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/30 Yes 1024D/0EA23F2B
60 Jean Baptiste FAVRE *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/AACE8C6F
61 Stephen Kitt *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 No :-( 4096R/A36B494F
62 Lloyd DIZON *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Maybe
63 Arthur Lutz *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Probably 1024D/F789A7E8
64 Ludovico Gardenghi *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/63D2D5D907F89BB8 Live in Paris but bad French
65 François de Metz *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/91E2EEC7
66 Toni Castillo Girona *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/10/31 It's almost confirmed I don't speak French, I'm so sorry. I really am.
67 Gregory Charbonneau *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
68 Gregory Bellier *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
69 Jérémie Dimino *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes 1024D/9132B8AB
70 Xavier Krantz *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes Live in Paris
71 Thibaut Gridel *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/E1653C4D and 4096R/6E9E7C51
72 Luc Didry *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/D0257E3C
73 Rémi Debay *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Likely 1024D/54B19E0F
74 Loic Dachary *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
75 Avétis KAZARIAN *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/3768F2A4
76 Guillaume Nault *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
77 Philippe Muller *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Maybe
78 Cyril Brulebois *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
79 Julien Cristau *anonymized* n/a n/a Maybe
80 Yann Rouillard *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
81 Lionel Le Folgoc *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/10E2969A
82 Simon Paillard *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/D16CFBA2
83 Arnaud Gambonnet *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
84 Frédéric Yhuel *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/844FA2F6
85 Augustin Parret-Fréaud *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/7D980513
86 Nicolas Dandrimont *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/66475AAF
87 Frederik Brosson *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/7C08B158
88 Simon Vallet *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 2048R/AB418DD6 and 1024D/8309B184
89 Olivier Bonvalet *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/F6EF9386
90 Denis Barbier *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
91 Romain Vrignaud *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31
92 Bernard Romain *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes Coming from Lille by TGV.
93 Sébastien Badia *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 3072D/2EAFF1F7
94 Lucien Grondin *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Likely 1024D/50B80E68
95 Rémi Jachniewicz *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
96 Julien VAUBOURG *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/8135DB1A Coming from Nancy (carpooling ?)
97 Nassim KACHA *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 3072D/BE1C8124 French, english and arabic
98 Ben HUTCHINGS *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/95861109 Anglophone, attending the kernel team meeting
99 Nattie MAYER-HUTCHINGS *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
100 Bastian Blank *anonymized* ... 2010/11/01 Yes 4096R/09A24559
101 Yvan Wenger *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/30 Yes
102 maximilian attems *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/9B441EA8 Attending the kernel team meeting
103 Antonin Hily *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/31 Maybe 2048R/3BCD7352
104 Abdeslam Tahari *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/31 May be
105 Frédéric Brin *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/31 Likely 1024D/A535B753
106 Jean-Baptiste Perrier *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 9A15918B
107 Vincent Mercier *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
108 Julien Jehannet *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/6AA05327
109 Raphaël POITEVIN *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
110 Valéry PERRIN *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Likely 1024D/96FAAD09
111 Sébastien Gadrat *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Most likely
112 Michel Barret *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/10/31 Yes I am a french student, and i have a bad english. Comming from Grenoble by TGV. Not need housing.
113 LAVILOTTE-ROLLE Frédéric *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/10/31 yes I come from Rennes by train.
114 POURE Jean-Michel (GOOZE crypto store) *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 yes 084F2584
115 Alexis GRIMALDI *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 2048R/8B3D83CC
116 Vincent Maioli *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/051ADBC8
117 Serafeim Zanikolas *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/0ED6122A from Brussels with Thalys; no French; will need couch for Sat evening
118 Dominique Dumont *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/11/01 Yes 4096R/C31F4FD949AB2B6C I'll come from Grenoble by train
119 Damien Garaud *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/11/01 Yes
120 Stéphane Blondon *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes I'll come from Bordeaux by train.
121 Arnaud Patard *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes
122 Gaudenz Steinlin *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes 1024D/8C7740AF and 4096R/BAF91EF5
123 Muammar El Khatib *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Likely 1024D/127029F1 Living in Toulouse
124 Claudia Vargas *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Likely
125 Vincent Legout *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/58A23DE9
126 Basile Starynkevitch *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes Live near Paris; will talk about GCC MELT
127 Benjamin Maisonnas *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Likely
128 Bastien Lacoste *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/0028EE67 Working in SmartCards and e-payment
129 Médéric Ribreux *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/30 Yes Coming from Angers by train.
130 Thomas Fuzeau *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
131 Rémi Rampin *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/40184F99
132 Bill Allombert *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/B5444815
133 Aurele Traynard *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
134 Olivier Schwander *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
135 Xavier Willaert *anonymized* 2010/10/31 2010/10/31 Yes
136 Nicolas HICHER *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Likely
137 Sylvain Hitier *anonymized* 2010/10/28 2010/11/02 Yes
138 jana wisniowska 2010/10/28 2010/11/01 Yes from berlin, no french speaking
139 Vincent Etévenaux *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/10/31 Yes !
140 Tae-Hyun Kim *anonymized* Likely from US, no french speaking
141 Sebastien Douche *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Yes from Paris
142 Jean-Philippe MENGUAL *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/12/31 Yes from Rennes
143 Emmanuel SURLEAU *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes from Noisy le Grand
144 Julien LAVERGNE *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/.. Likely 1024D/491E5389
145 Matteo CYPRIANI *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 4096R/A329126B
146 Fabien Givors *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/32D824EF
147 Henri Le Foll *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
148 Ubiratan Freitas *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes From Brazil. Live in Rouen.
149 Vincent Bernat *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes 1024D/F22A794E
150 Rémi Duraffort *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
151 Patrick Guignot *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
152 Alain Cherpin *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
153 Anthony Baire *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 yes
154 André Lasfargues *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 yes
155 Faidon Liambotis *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/11/01 yes 4096R/1EEC8F0E
156 Alexis de Lattre *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 yes
157 Fabian Pedregosa *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 yes
158 Vincent-Xavier JUMEL *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Likely Leave 45 minutes (direct line) to Paris 7. Could offer a bed or two.
159 Guillaume Bonnavaud *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 likely
160 David Guedj *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
161 Armin Haas *anonymized* 2010/10/29 2010/11/01 Yes 4096R/F9F06D82
162 Zakaria ElQotbi *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
163 Étienne Loks 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 Likely
164 Alex Bernier *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes
165 Hugo Roy *anonymized* 2010/10/30 2010/10/31 Yes B8B78D13

-*** REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED ***-. We're sorry but given the hugh number of people interested in the event, we have to urgently close the registration. Thanks for your interest in the Mini-DebConf Paris 2010 !

[edit] Couches

Have a couch in Paris ? Want to welcome someone attending the Mini-debconf Paris 2010 ? Please let your information here :

N Name Mail Couches available from Couches available until Number of couches Guests Notes
1 Carl Chenet 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 1 xoswald 13ème,métro Tolbiac
2 Glenn Y. Rolland 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 1 About the couch
3 Christian Perrier any time any time 1-4 (2*2-person beds) Raphaël Hertzog, Katrin & Andreas Tille Quite far away from downtown Paris: of course, I'll go myself to the MiniConf so guests wouldn't be on their own
4 Stefano Zacchiroli 2010/10/30 2010/11/01 2 (tight :-)) Ioana & Thomas Koch 14eme, metro Alesia
5 Stéphane Jourdois any time any time 1 room + 1 bed in a kid's bedroom if needed Axel Beckert 20ème, M° Porte de Bagnolet
6 Louis De Sousa any time any time 2*2-person beds Quite far away from downtown Paris : of course, I'll go myself, by car or train, to the MiniConf so guests wouldn't be on their own
7 Ludovico Gardenghi any time + 2010/10/30 any time + 2010/10/31 1 room with PC running + 1 big couch Bastian Blank + Serafeim Zanikolas L'Haÿ-les-Roses (RER line B, zone 3). 2 cats.
8 Gonéri Le bouder any time any time 1 room Holger Metro Mairie des Lilas
9 Fabian Pedregosa any time any time one 2-person bed 14eme, metro Porte D'Orleans
10 Zakaria ELQotbi any time any time 1 14eme, metro Alesia
11 Sam Hocevar 2010/10/30 morning 2010/11/01 evening 1 × 2-person bed, 1 × large couch one person so far (not a Debconf attendee) XIVe (métro Mouton-Duvernet or Saint-Jacques or Denfert-Rochereau), only requirement is to arrange for someone to feed the cats once in the morning and once in the evening
12 Niv Sardi 2010/10/30 morning 2010/11/03 1 × 2-person bed, lots of space (can have up to 3 more people in minimal comfort) 0 Ivry Sur Seine (close to PARIS XIII), 1 cat, and 4 housemates, should arrange to feeds the housemates.
13 Georges Khaznadar 2010/10/29 afternoon 2010/11/01 1 × 2-person bed Hôtel Bercy, 58 rue de Bercy. Very close to the conference place (my wife and my son cannot come, due to some contingency)

[edit] Tourism, eating

  • Just a bookmark: Free Paris Walks - Thkoch
  • A few restaurants around Chevaleret
  • There is also a KFC and a McDonald's next to Place d'Italie, and sandwich shops around

[edit] Help

[edit] Helpers

  • Carl Chenet aka chaica - Contact :
  • Xavier Oswald aka xoswald - Contact :
  • Mehdi Dogguy - Contact :
  • Nicolas Bekaert aka xorox - Contact :


A hugh thanks to Valessio S Brito for the official logo.

[edit] Pictures of the event

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