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[edit] Debian Dinner

date: 2010-06-09 20:30
location: Ristorante Il Due Forni
Schönhauser Allee 12, 10119 Berlin
google maps:

If the weather is good then we should sit outside. however, as they only take reservations for inside, please, whoever gets there first, try to pirate some tables outside (given the weather allows this).

Please enter yourself here. Note: List is sorted by last name

## Name Contact
01 Dirk Astrath
02 Axel Beckert abe@d.o
03 Eduard Bloch blade@d.o
04 Uwe Döbereiner (LinuxTag e.V.)
05 Eric Evans eevans(at)d.o
06 formorer formorer@d.o
07 Sven Guckes
08 Guido Günther
09 Hauke jhr@d.o
10 Werner Heuser wehe(at)
11 Frank Hofmann
12 Thomas Koch thomas at koch punkt ro
13 kuroi ---
14 Torsten Landschoff torsten(at)d.o
15 Andrew Lee (李健秋) ajqlee(at)d.o
16 Holger Levsen holger@d.o
17 Michael Meskes meskes(at)d.o
18 Martin Michlmayr
19 Detlef Nitsche (Sidux)
20 Y Plentyn
21 Nikolas Poniros edhunter [at] sidux [dot] com
22 Adam Reviczky
23 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl
24 Rhalina
25 Roland Rosenfeld
26 markus schnalke
27 Uli Schröter (unknown)
28 Fabian Schubert (Sidux)
29 Soeren Sonnenburg sonne@d.o
30 Ferdinand Thommes
31 Niels Thykier
32 Andreas Tille tille@d.o
33 Katrin Tille see Andreas Tille
34 Goswin von Brederlow Goswin-vb(at)
35 Erik Wenzel erik@d.o
36 Torsten Werner twerner@d.o
37 Stefano Zacchirolli zack@d.o
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