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[edit] Helpers

Please also do not forget that the debian booth at the LinuxTag conference has to be also manned.

If you want to help out there, please go to LinuxTag 2010 page in the Debian Wiki

Helper Contact Jun07 Jun08 Jun09 Jun10 Jun11 Jun12 Tasks Status Comments
Christian Remy mail adress known - - -  ?  ? helping hand, Infostand
Judit Foglszinger setup, cleanup, videoteam, other confirmed (head of video team) -
Maxen, Christian x helping hand for setup, cleanup, videoteam, other  ? -
markus schnalke probably helping hand I'll be there for sure -
marky mail adress known - - - - - Infostand, helping hand, other confirmed -
Sebastian Feltel feltel-at-debianforum-dot-de - - - - Infostand - -
Marcel NetworK Setup. Maintainance, whatever needs to be done confirmed -
Fabian Schubert setup/takedown confirmed -
Mika Pflüger 15:00-19:00 - from 19:00 √ (not between 18:00-24:00) helping hand confirmed -
Willi Babernits - - helping hand, videoteam confirmed -
Myriam Schulz - - helping hand, talk assistance confirmed -
Dwi Anoraganingrum (Fiorelino) dwi (at)  ?  ? - helping hand (camera)  ? -
Sebastian Horst s.horst (at)  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? helping hand (network) confirmed contact for detail by 2010-6-1
Niels Thykier May be available less, also helping with the Debian Booth.
Dinko Sabo cobra [at] sidux [dot] com - - helping hand, videoteam confirmed
Nikolas Poniros edhunter [at] sidux [dot] com x helping hand Confirmed Also helping at the sidux/CAcert booth
Torsten Landschoff torsten (at) debian (dot) org - - - helping hand looking for accommodation
YOURNAME Contact Jun07? Jun08? Jun09? Jun10? Jun11? Jun12? TASKS STATUS COMMENTS

[edit] Camera Operators

We need helpers who would like to operate a camera for some time during the event. You should be familiar with a DV camera

Name Contact June 10 Hour(s) June 11 Hour(s)

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