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[edit] Workload for the info desk

Info desk handles the bags. It's important to have a good alphabetization of the bags, so that they are easy to find.

Info desk also handles nametags, food tickets (if there are), and other printed information. Therefore it is a good idea to have a printer available for the info-desk.

Also, it's important to have a good usable interface where the people at the info desk can check and modify the data.

There has to be an info-desk manager, who would be responsible for explaining the criteria of work inside the info-desk, manage shifts at the reception, makes sure that there's the stuff that might be needed (pens, staplers, etc).

If there's money to be handled, there should be a safe for that, and the manager should have the key.

It has to be clear where the info-desk is going to be, and if possible have enough space to allow people to be there at different times. Bags do take up a lot of more space than you would think initially.

If there are going to be things sold at the info-desk, whoever is selling them should provide change and a separate envelope for keeping the money.

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