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If you have attended DebConf you may know that many conversations ends with criticisms and ideas to improve the conference. So I decided to organize some of them from DebConf13 and also write some of my own reflections which can be useful for future DCs. Share yours!

It's not a place to add personal specific issues. It's about generic ideas/feelings that if shared may help to improve our so loved annual meeting.

Multiplication table
Subject Thoughts Supporter(s)
Less and larger hacklabs Larger hacklabs help with having more people working together etc etc tiago
Having more free slots for talks in the last DC days Many talks/BoFs in DebConf motivate people to register new ones, and I got a lot of requests for the last days. We ended with a full schedule for 3 rooms. It may be interesting to leave some free slots for these days... tiago, gaudenz
A more friendly video gallery well... usability in sucks :) tiago
All together in the conference dinner DebConf should promote an official dinner having all Debian people together. It creates such a special Debian community atmosphere which I consider being the most import goal for this specific event. tiago, tassia
Full meal for everyone in the conference dinner It's annoying to have people having nice wines/beers while others who can't afford it having just water. tiago
New recommended talks for DebConf "First time at Debconf" by Enrico in DC13 should be merged to the Welcome talk. Other important talks are: lightning talks, DebconfX+2 bids, DebconfX+1 presentation etc tiago
Own, single and better network We should have only one Wifi and wired network, with roaming, and controlled fully by DebConf network team, so that we can improve things (and not waiting DHCP for minutes) cate
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