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Required and volunteered hardware
What Type Who
Cameras (2)

Must use "PAL" video format and have firewire output

Canon MVX330i Wouter
Sony Q
Tripods (2)

Must be able to pan and tilt smoothly with camera attached

Velbon Stratos 460Q Womble2
some cheap Velbon Womble2
Wireless headset microphones (2) Beyerdynamic OPUS 155 MK II SET (3*) Q
Wireless handheld microphones (2) t.bone TW 16HT (2*) Q
Condenser microphone pair Beyerdynamic mce530 stereo pair Q
Audio mixer behringer 1608 Q
Headphones  ?  ?
VGA grabber Twinpact Q
Mixing computer

Must have at least 2 processors or 1 dual-core processor, 1.8 GHz, gigabit Ethernet

thinkpad T61 Womble2
Transcoding computer no-brand desktop: Intel Core2 Duo, 2.8Ghz, next to no free diskspace Wouter
Capturing computer

Must have 100 megabit Ethernet and firewire port or slot for firewire card

PowerBook Wouter
Firewire cables (3) short 6-to-4 (many) Womble2
one 2m 6-to-4 Wouter
Firewire cards (3) 1 built into T61 Womble2
1 built into PowerBook (6 pins) Wouter
CardBus Womble2
Audio cables (various) A few 5m 3.5j-to-RCA cables wouter
Lots of various cables Q
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