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[edit] DC6 report - 31st march

[edit] Todo - must be done

This is just a list of things I feel ought to be in the report. Feel free to argue.

  • Intro - something similar to the dc6 intro. Stockhom has promised a team leader report similar to the dc5 report.
  • Video team - Holger has stuff, will try to commit tomorrow
  • Sponsors - logos in place
  • Money - Ganneff has sent in a bit, needs a bit more.
  • Place - would we go back there? what was good, what was bad, what was ugly?
  • Network - Ganneff has sent in a bit, psn sent him comments
  • Conclusion - advice for dc7,8,9 folks, was it a success, etc.
  • numbers - needs to look better

[edit] Todo - would be nice

  • Photos
  • keysigning
  • debian day

[edit] Todo - release blockers for the report

This is just stuff that isn't actually writing but has to be done before the report is finished. It does depend on most or all the content being there.

  • Proof reading (Sledge volunteers to help here; maybe harmoney will as well?) (psn will help here)
  • layout - need the content first
  • credits

[edit] sections

[edit] Money and sponsors

How much was raised, where did it go? This should mainly be about where it went.

Stuff to talk about:

[edit] Costs:

Breakdown between Venue, accom, food, other.

(Sledge: should be doable)

table showing income - outgoings (can we show this?)

(Sledge: ditto, but should be a little vague - don't list the individual sponsor amounts!)

Comments on costs of items. advice and lessons learnt.

[edit] Sponsors

who were they? (have a separate logo page). did any really stand out? How useful is it to have local compianes sponsor in goods rather than cash? For example, is a local firm giving a free internet connection better than buying one?

What were the expectations of the sponsorship team? were they met? what advice would you give the next set of organisers about how to go about it?

(Sledge - not sure how useful this section is. Simply list the sponsors' logos in value order?)

[edit] Travel sponsorship

how much was asked for, how much was paid? Who did it go to? have they done much debian stuff over the last year and a half? (for example, how many non-DDs have become DDs?). How does it compare to dc5? Does it cost more in travel sponsorship to hold it in Mexico rather than Finland? What advice would you give someone else trying to sort out travel sponsorship?

(Sledge: there's a lot of detail there, dunno if we have all the information needed for it. We should definitely make sure we have the same information kept from DC7)

[edit] International Money transfers

This really came up on my radar due to dc7, but a bit could be written:

Where did the money come from? How much was transferred back and forth between nations? Was Mexico cheap compared with finland? What advice could another team be offered?

(Sledge: not sure how relevant this is, to be honest. Might be taken as "you're not local, so we don't want your money" by potential sponsors.)

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