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[edit] CSD video gear HOWTO


The video gear at the CSD was/is in an awful confusing state.


[edit] CAPTURE

This is fairly straightforward.

On the laptop: dvgrab - || pv || nc -vvv -q 0 videoraid 1337 To start a new talk, just do Ctrl-C, and up, and enter.


This is probably the worst one. If anyone at HUT reads this: I'll reimplement this for money. Mail me. :P

To get the computer output on the projector:

Tap "RETURN" 'till you're on the main menu.

When at the main menu, press COMPUTER, press LAPTOP in the upper right corner. This should activate the laptop output. Now, to get back to the servo camera controls, press RETURN, VIDEO, OPTIONS. This will blank the PC input. Now, again, you need to press PC, in the top right corner, and select the already depressed LAPTOP button. This should bring back the laptop output. It's always done this so far, anyways. Press PREVIOUS to get back to the Video Options menu.

The problem that causes the above is that the first COMPUTER screen, the one that is just above, twiddles some bit which the second one does not. So you need to first twiddle the bit, then go back to where you want to be, and then twiddle another bit. Yes, it's badly broken.

You should now see the Video Options menu. The laptop display should be on the projector. You now press D-CAM under "Mixer Input" to connect the S-Video input from the "document camera" (which is the manual camera) to the "OHJ." (finnish for Aux., oslt) input of the vid mixer.

After that, you go to the cam servo control.

The inputs are:

  • Laptop = The black VGA cable that should be on the desk.
  • PC 2 = The gray VGA cable on the desk.
  • PC 3 = Not in use (?)
  • PC 4 = The lossdows desktop with the Apple screen.

Note that on most (all?) inputs this will enable the audio input attached to the VGA cable.


Things to check/do first:

The video mixer has four inputs and two buses. Each bus has one active input. To have smooth fades between the two buses, select the input you want to fade to on the opposite bus (the one whos light is not flashing) and operate the slider.


  • 1 = Audience servo camera (cam 1)
  • 3 = One of the servos in the control room (cam 2)
  • 4 = S-Video output that is supposed to be the document cam. It's the floor cam.

[edit] WIRING

Don't touch this unless you REALLY know what you're doing.

Or if you're toresbe, then you get to touch it no matter how clueless you are. Hah.

If you're Chris, you know what you're doing, but still get the blame if (when?) toresbe screws up. Hah.

[edit] CAMERAS

Servo cameras - I will write it.


Chris, you seemed to know about this. Please explain the knobs on the rack. Thanks!

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