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This web page is dedicated to expressions of gratitude towards organisers and supporters of Debconf5. If you were there or have seen a video or had your life positively influenced by this event in other ways, please leave a comment!

The organizers of Debconf5 have done a great and wonderful job organizing such a huge, complex and yet fun event for that incountable hordes of Debian developers and other free software interesents that converged in HEL in summer of 2005. I want to express deep gratitude to all people that have helped to organise this event and also to all sponsors and other supporters.

Aigars Mahinovs, DD, Latvia

Reading through the Final Report, I was struck by how happy remembering DebConf5 makes me now, and by all the evidence of hard work and dedication under the smoothly running surface by the organisers. We all came to our first DebConf because of Debian, but we keep coming back because of something more.. Thanks for making DebConf something special in its own right.

-- JoeyHess

DebConf is such a unique way to share our passion differently and closer to our fellow Debian developers and contributors. Thanks you so much to all people who made DebConf5 possible and leave us with only one hope for 2006 : be able to attend Debconf6.

-- ChristianPerrier, DD, France

I'm glad to went to DebConf5. Was an amazing event and the Final Report show exactly this. Thanks for making DebConf and Debian more special to me and all people who come to it.

-- OtavioSalvador, DD, Brazil

What an event! Very well done! Hope to see you all again!

-- AlexanderSchmehl, NM, Germany

Thanks, guys. I had a terrific time in Helsinki.

-- DavidMorenoGarza, DD, Mexico

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