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Present and speaking (in order of appearance):

  • Andreas Schuldei (stockhol1)
  • gwolf
  • Lars Wirzenius (liw)
  • Herman Robak (hrobak)
  • Riku Voipio (nchip)
  • Holger Levsen (h01ger)
  • ibid
  • Don Armstrong (dondelelcaro)
  • Luciano Bello (luciano)
  • Marcela Tiznado (ASCIIGirl)
  • teroajk
  • Alexander Schmehl (Tolimar)
  • Margarita Manterola (marga)
  • Jesus Climent (mooch)
  • Jaakko Niemi (liiwi)
  • Joerg Jaspert (Ganneff)

IRC log is available at

Meeting started at 19:01 UTC

  • Status of the registrations (gwolf): 259 registered. Lodging breakdown: 137 regular lodging at HUT, 34 living in the area, 22 lodging at HUT with gf/bf/wife/family, 11 lodging at hotel, 7 lodging at someone else's house. The estimated attendance is 20 more people than it was for Debconf4. h01ger suggested adding a preference for "want a bed" to comas.
  • The voting system (dondelelcaro). In testing: There were some bugs. nchip would prefer a selector from -5 to +5 instead of a big number space.
  • We need a volunteer manager. teroajk took on the task of finding the volunteer manager, and to coordinate with stockhol1.
  • Sponsorship: stockhol1 is contacting sponsorees to ask how much they can pay themselves. stockhol1 expexts some more sponsor money to come still, but nothing big.
  • Housing, blueprints (mooch, which had lost connection): How much would frequent cleaning cost? Holger gave an URL to some of the floor plans. The rooms have no curtains or blinds, and this may cause some grief.
  • Conference areas (mooch, still offline). Still unclear about wlan/lan access for the guests.
  • Networking (h01ger). Holger asked stockhol1 for blueprints of the conference area. The solution for installation and rollout of the network was left to the people doing the job.
  • Video streaming (h01ger). New mailing list: debconf5-video. A video room will be reserved in the basement of the dorm. Video IRC meeting to be set later.
  • Debian day (tolimar). A PR push is called for! Finnish speakers wanted. Linus would attract attention, but is not likely to come. Stockhol1 is looking into Intel's offer to give talks. Tolimar suggests this: Branden (DPL) greets, someone tells what Debian is, tolimar makes a HOWTO Help presentation, liw gives his packaging tutorial, and then the rest.
  • Papers and presentations (jbailey, amaya, stockholm). Stockholm has not asked for papers; too busy. jbailey and amaya are not responding, others must take on their task. dondelelcaro, nchip and Tolimar agrees to share the task of reading through and commenting on the submitted papers, while ASCIIGirl will send out reminders.
  • Timetable. Tha Rantasauna is reserved for the 13th. The daytrip will probably be on the 13th, too. Formal dinner on either the 14th or the 15th.
  • Cleaning (mooch). Mooch requested prices for more frequent cleaning; no response yet.
  • Web site (ASCIIGirl). TODO: "Contact us" and a checklist of items that will be needed (powerbars, hubs, curtains?)
  • Food (nchip). TF (?) may provide breakfast at a reasonable cost. During the first week, breakfast can be served in Smökki.
  • Debconf's day trip goes to Suomenlinna, with barbequeue and sauna in the evening.
  • Nametags, t-shirts, gifts, printing, etc. Nametags will be printed on site. Those who come late may get less fancy nametags. For gifts we have the t-shirt and books from O'Reilly. liw suggested USB memory stick (necklace model) as gift.
  • Stockholm would like to know if it was OK for him to not come before the 3rd. Nobody objected.

The meeting ended at 20:53 UTC

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