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Agenda (during the meeting) and minutes (afterwards) of DebConf5 IRC meeting, April 4, 2005.

People mentioned (not necessarily present at the meeting):

  • Jeff Bailey (jbailey)
  • Wolf Bergenheim (wolf)
  • Jesus Climent (mooch)
  • Holger Levsen (h01ger)
  • Andreas Schuldei (stockholm)
  • Marcela Tiznado (ASCIIGirl)
  • Riku Voipio (nchip)
  • Lars Wirzenius (liw)
  • Alexander Schmehl (tolimar)
  • Amaya Rodrigo Sastre (Amaya)
  • Jaakko Niemi (liiwi)
  • jaldhar

IRC log is available at

Meeting started at 19:01 UTC.

  • Status of sponsorship (stockholm): See mail (at Discussion of pullovers, general feeling mostly against it. stockholm will talk to DPL and debian-press about whether it might be a good way to raise money anyway. We need more money, essentially the money to help people get to debconf. stockholm is talking to potential new sponsors; suggestions should be sent to the -team list (with name, phone number, email) or approached directly, if you have a good relationship with them.
  • Status of the housing, blueprints (mooch): Will report tomorrow.
  • Status of conference areas (mooch): Will report tomorrow.
  • Debian day on the 9th: A day where the conf is open to the general public and the press. Tolimar and jaldhar, as our pr people, could give a talk. Generally a positive reaction at the meeting. Tolimar will take charge of arranging it.
  • Insurance (nchip): Still trying to figure out what needs to be insured.
  • Status of papers and presentations (stockholm): Unfinished, speakers have not yet been chosen. Amaya and stockholm have read all papers, mostly agree, some disagreements. Will meet later with jbailey on irc to discuss. Talks will be put up for voting to see which ones can be presented concurrently.
  • Status of registrations: 208 registered attendees.
  • Status of web sites (ASCIIGirl): Website has all sponsor logos now. "My account" icon was moved to reduce confusion. ASCIIGirl is working on the advertisment for the magazine (see stockholm's status mail), and needs help with the text for it, deadline is Wednesday.
  • T-shirts: According to stockholm, merchandizing guy would ship from within the EU, so no taxer or customs. Stockholm also got some info on how to choose good logos for shirts. ASCIIGirl made designs. Additional discussion about logo colors and sponsor demands for them.
  • Status of food (nchip): With breakfast and lunch, but no dinner, during the hacklab phase, and breakfast/lunch/dinner during the actual conf, the budget is about 20 thousand euros. nchip estimates 23 thousand euros if there is dinner also during hacklab.
  • Status of audiovisual recordings of talks and networking (h01ger): We need firewire video cameras with tripods, lockable server room, physical network layouts, locations for switches, wireless network layout, servers with firewire for recording and streaming, file server for user directories, cpu servers, general servers, at least one printer, fat router, firewall, and probably other stuff. Holger will discuss with mooch and liiwi.

The meeting ended at 20:26 UTC.

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