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  • Bring a laptop, and use the ethernet cable laid out on the first seat row. It's on the aalto network, and requires login credentials (login is done with a web browser). You find your credentials in Comas.
  • Grabbing the camera to the laptop or an USB drive is encouraged, as a backup.
  • Get on the IRC channel #debconf-video at Freenode. The video mixer may have instructions for you.
  • Don't move the camera much
  • Keep more open space in the direction the speaker is looking
  • The videos are going to be heavily compressed, so do not rely on details showing well. When in doubt, zoom further in.
  • Framing of the speaker: If the speaker uses the arms a lot, zoom out until the arms and hands are no longer cut off. But not any further. If he moves a lot back and forth, zoom out to avoid constant panning. If he often points up to the screen, leave some more space above him, to cut off less of his arm.
  • When you zoom in an out on a person, you also have to tilt, to keep the person's head near the top of the picture.
  • When questions come from the audience, and the microphone is passed to the one asking, pan and zoom to a fairly close shot of that person. Keep it there until he has given the mic back; he may ask more questions. The mixer will use one of the servo cameras for the speaker during Q/A sessions. We want to be able to pick up reactions from those who ask questions, so don't pan back to the speaker too early!

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