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[edit] What is it?

Notmuch is a mail indexer and user agent by Carl Worth that seems to have caught the fancy of several "Debian people". We will talk about and/or hack on prioritizing existing patches for the next release, identifying missing functionality and nailing down the design of some of the more complex proposed features like better maildir integration, synchronization (including ideas like tag logs). It could also be useful to brainstorm about our patch management process and in general whether technical or social improvements could be made to the development process.

[edit] Where and when?

  • When: 15:00, Thursday August 2010
  • Where: Schapiro 414, Columbia University Morningside Campus

[edit] Questions to be discussed

  • What features should be priorities?
    • Synchronization (keeping multiple tag databases in sync)?
    • GPG handling!
  • How can we find and fix with performance issues?
    • Benchmarks?
  • How can we improve the development process?
    • Can we streamline the patch merging process?
    • Distributed Tags/Bug tracker (a prototype using notmuch exists).

[edit] People

People who plan on participating Feel Free to add yourself below:

  • User:DavidBremner I am coordinating this BoF. Feel free to contact me via email or IRC (bremner on freednode and oftc).
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