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[edit] TODO: If you like(d) the streams, please say thanks!

Write a comment in the appropriate section using the 'pre' tag...

[edit] Africa

[edit] Americas

i'm glad to be the first one to congratulate the video team.
this year i was unable to fly to spain for dc9, and it's really amazing the work you've done 
(yet again).
thanks a lot, please keep up the excellent work, hopefully next year i'll be on nyc volunteering
to make this happen.


the video is fantastic !
and the quality impressive !!!
congratulation :D


The streams are looking and sounding pretty good! Well done.

Thanks for doing this once again, the streams are the connection to DebConf for those that
couldn't make it there.



Thank you all for making me part of the event. Even remote participation is possible thanks to
you! Congratulations!

Brazil, Bahia -> Valessio Brito
Thanks for your efforts! I appreciate being able to attend even though I can't be there.

Stuart Anderson
Thanks again for the great quality streams. Wish I could've been there in person, but the streams are at least allowing me to be productive!

 - dann frazier
I also want to thank the video team for their efforts!  It's great to be able to see great presentations LIVE!


[edit] Antarctica

[edit] Asia

Thanks! These videos are very helpful for who didn't attend the conf.  
-Zaki Akhmad, @ Indonesia 

[edit] Australia

[edit] Europe

awesome, helps to keep informed. 
--lefu, berlin, germany
Hi Guys. Thank you for your work here from Germany.
A big THANK YOU for the videoteams work.
--maxen, berlin, brd, erde
As usual, an excellent job. cheers!
You're filling my weekend again. :) Thank you.
A quick thank you from France.  Great work!
top quality in austria - innsbruck. thanks a lot!
I fully agree with david. Good work.
Worked splendidly for me. Thanks!
 --jfs ( @ Spain)
Many thanks!  Worked like a charme, and it's always good to have the videos for sessions you couldn't attend or want to see again!
 -- Tolimar and alphascorpii, Germany
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