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  • krusty -> krabappel
  • we need to go shopping for long VGA cables. anything else? 10 dv tapes
    • pablo will buy one more vga cables from 5 or 10mts.
    • p2 + Q will buy more audio cables if needed.
    • someone will need to get DV tapes
  • penta will be done by ben
    • we have a test server
  • h01ger will upload packages
  • setup computers in talk rooms
    • tiago will do that physically with help or p2 and Q:
      • Upper room projector+dvswitch are set, preparing
  • _NO_ remote at ground floor projector.
  • setup servers
    • h01ger will look at barney
  • setup reviewing machines
    • Ground floor
    • Upper room already done.
  • 2 teams: recording + reviewing
    • in lunch breaks files need to be copied to the server, so that review can be done "immediatly"
  • schedule video team init meeting in penta on the 23rd at 17:00
  • setup streaming, see DebConf9/Streams
  • general mornings at 12oo outside
  • Lower room issues:
    • redo cable2 and uplink connectors (they are unstable)
    • recharge 2 AAA batteries for the projector
    • needs 1 firewire cable for capturing projector output
    • needs to prepare itchy (there's only dvgrab on it)
    • needs testing
    • rearrange the projector's cable, it's just in front of the audience

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