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[edit] general

  • attendee bags
  • room announcers
  • we need to prepare a page with instructions to give it to every attendee
    • here: DebConf9/Welcome
    • basically do a wiki page and print it ;) andrew wanted to do it
  • food tickets
    • raphel is taking care of the food tickets, guillem is taking care of money at frontdesk. one day 15e. 7 days 100e. (even if that includes the formal dinner day.) so 4 days = 60e and 8 days = 115e.
  • 2x1m banner with sponsors logo
    • printed. pending mounting
  • nametags wait for gunnar, eva, cek + gregor are working on it
  • visit of the old town - monday, 20th, needs to be announced
    • cek have sent preliminary announcement. we are waitinig for confirmation (on monday)
  • inventory status: faw and nekral DebConf9/Inventory
  • openday - status
  • general schedule
  • daytrip: to valle del Jerte (natural place). we need 4 busses. we will leave at 10 AM. trip is sponsored. the village has a cherry museum and other stuff for people not wanting/able to do the hiking... page here DebConf9/DayTrip
  • conf-dinner: is sponsored for all. we need to choose the menu still. 220 people are asked for atm. we will ask for 230 people, as we are 227 and its better to have empty seats than people standing outside.
  • wine - we want a PR on monday to announce the wine, OpenDay and DebianDay
    • and signs. and storage room
  • FdS: 2 dsl are connected, wlan is prepared. we wont have frontdesk there. we need written instructions there, how to get to MT, how to reach us. we also want instructions how to get from MT to FdS. on the 23rd+24th we probably want a frontdesk there, as that will be the main arrival days there. amaya will work on that.
  • 2 more portable air conditioning machines will come on wednesday
    • anto will call them
  • anto ordered 200 chairs and 25 tables, arrived tuesday, pending distribution
    • possibly on monday afternoon!
  • find a BoF room, there's no third hacklab next to the second one!
    • the room in the "sleeping cats zone" is to be used. keys needed, signs, closed outside of BoF times?
  • dam and Axel Add some signals to make it easier to find the laundry room
  • cooling for video room
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