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These are the teams, to be in charge of every aspect of DebConf9, from the start of the planning and until the conference ends. People listed here are meant to be responsible for each task, so expect heavy prodding if you're listed here :)

The most important aspect of this list is to be able to know who is in charge of the status of things -- who to prod. If the team gets large, bold the lead.


[edit] Coordination

[edit] Global

  • Marga
  • moray
  • h01ger
  • network service admins: Ganneff, h01ger(learning for the future), sgran, mhy
    • We want one admin who will be at DC10

[edit] Local

(including local volunteer coordination)

  • cek
  • anto
  • h01ger
  • Pablo Castellano (not living in Extremadura)
  • debconf9-localteam mailing list

[edit] Communication

(press, website,)

  • Website: Tincho is webmaster, also moray is gathering some content.
  • Mailing list/irc surfer who adds info to the website: open

[edit] Budget

[edit] Budgeting

  • Hydroxide
  • schultmc

[edit] Transactions -- contact with SPI and FFIS

  • h01ger
  • Ganneff
  • Sledge

[edit] Sponsorship Acquisition

  • Sledge
  • h01ger
  • anto, for spanish sponsors
  • Someone to help get Spanish sponsors: open, try some Spanish DDs and Hydroxide's list of sponsors.

[edit] Sponsorship Allocation

  • marga and schultmc (leads)
  • ana spoke up on the mailing list.

[edit] Venue and Hacklabs

  • Carmen, Paco and Jesus (working from the Junta). They are on the localteam list now.
  • marga prods from a distance
  • Gunnar, from a distance, if needed (it's mostly a local task)

[edit] Lodging and Dining

(dealing with "upstream")

  • Anto
  • César

[edit] room allocation

person handing out the rooms and dealing with 2-300 Debian people :-)

  • Jonathan McDowell (Noodles)

[edit] volunteer herder

  • Amaya

[edit] Network

  • ISP: anto
  • Wiring issues, etc -- contact Junta people at the venue.
  • Machine admin: Ganneff, mhy, sgran, h01ger

[edit] Video

  • h01ger
  • Gunnar

[edit] Visas

  • anto

[edit] Talks

[edit] Selection

  • Ganneff
  • marga

[edit] Scheduling

  • Daniel S
  • Andreas T
  • Gunnar
  • Tássia Camões
  • Ana Guerrero

[edit] Conference Mechanics

(t-shirts, transportation, )

  • Gunnar will get quotes for printing the shirts in Mexico, plus shipping to Spain
  • dam handles t-shirt design and logos.

[edit] Accessibility

  • hector oron
  • tiago

[edit] External Activities

(day trip, formal dinner)

[edit] See also

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