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[edit] Table tennis tournament

[edit] Rules

If you want to join the DC9 Table Tennis Tournament, just add your name to the below list. Deadline is 2009-07-22 23:59:59 (local time in Cáceres; although in practice, it will probably be slightly later). The tournament is deathmatch style.

The first round will start sometime on the 23rd; the second on the 26th; the third round on the 28th; and any further rounds will be announced later. While the start date of the second round is somewhat fixed, those of the next rounds aren't. This means that if you want to join in, you need to be at DebConf already or arrive no later than the 26th, and if you believe you have a chance of winning, stay until mostly the end.

On the 23rd, I will match people up with opponents and update this page accordingly. These pairs of opponents should then play their match at their earliest convenience; matches should be for 'best out of three sets' of 21 points each. Players should talk to eachother before starting the game about the rules they wish to play. If there is disagreement over a point, we suggest to agree on a rule and replay the point. If you suspect that consensus cannot be found, consult a third person as referee.

After the game has been played, players should add the score to the list on this page. Once all games have been played, the next round will start, and this will then go on until we reach the finals.

[edit] Comments

  • madduck: Table tennis matches go to 21 points, no?
That used to be the case, yes, but they now are supposed to go to 15. Additionally, playing to 21 may make the tournament drag on for too long, since I expect a lot of matches may need to be played. If we want to, we can always switch to 21 in the later stages of the tournament. -- Wouter Verhelst
As agreed on IRC, it's 11 or 21, not 15. Let's see how many players we get and then we can decide. -- madduck
  • madduck: I don't think we need a referee. If there's dissensus over a point, agree on a rule and replay the point.
If people can agree on that, fine by me. It's up to them; as long as there is a final consensus on what the outcome of the game is, it's their call. -- Wouter Verhelst
I'd like to assume we're mature enough for that. --madduck
  • Can someone remind me how the diagonal serving rules work - it's been a while...Serving changes every 5 points, all 5 serves have to be on one diagonal, ball must be hit behind rear line (is that all correct)? Can one choose which diagonal one starts on?
I've never heard about that 'must be hit behind rear line' rule, that seems a bit odd. But basically, whatever you agree upon with your opponent will work; as long as both players agree beforehand, you should be fine.
There is no diagonal serving rule in singles matches, only in doubles. --madduck

[edit] List of participants

  • Wouter Verhelst
  • Jelmer Vernooij
  • Martin F. Krafft
  • FranklinPiat
  • Lucas Nussbaum
  • Nico Golde
  • Jan C. Nordholz
  • LucaCapello
  • Stefano Zacchiroli
  • Micah Anderson
  • Aigars Mahinovs
  • Lars Eric Scheidler
  • Axel Beckert
  • Kurt Gramlich
  • Wookey
  • Giacomo Catenazzi (cate)
  • Gaudenz Steinlin
  • Thomas Lange
  • Noël Köthe
  • Simon Paillard


Unless people show up in pairs, there can be no more new players.

[edit] Round 1

Play whenever you like, but make sure you finish your match before or on the 26th.

Players that haven't played by that time are both automatically disqualified.

  • Pair 1: Gaudenz Steinlin - Jan C Nordholz 11-21, 20-22
  • Pair 2: Lucas Nussbaum - Aigars Mahinovs 15-13, 15-5
  • Pair 3: Axel Beckert - Luca Capello 12-21, 11-21
  • Pair 4: Kurt Gramlich - Giacomo Catenazzi 7-0, 21-13
  • Pair 5: Micah Anderson - Martin F. Krafft 15-21, 20-22
  • Pair 6: Thomas Lange - Franklin Piat 21-19 21-7
  • Pair 7: Noël Köthe - Jelmer Vernooij 19-21 15-21
  • Pair 8: Wouter Verhelst - Nico Golde 21-10, 21-13
  • Pair 9: Lars Eric Scheidler - Wookey 6-21, 5-21
  • Pair 10: Stefano Zacchiroli - Simon Paillard - did this get played or not?

[edit] Round 2

  • R2P1: R1P1 (Jan) vs R1P2 (Lucas): 19-21 14-21
  • R2P2: R1P3 (LucaCapello) vs R1P4 (Kurt Gramlich): 21-14, 21-4
  • R2P3: R1P5 (Martin) vs R1P6 (Thomas Lange): 21-9, 19-21, 21-16
  • R2P4: R1P7 (Jelmer) vs R1P8 (Wouter Verhelst): 10-21, 21-19, 21-16
  • R2P5: R1P9 (Wookey) vs Winner of Pair 10: (skipped, no opponent)

[edit] Round 3

Martin Krafft skips this round; he moves to round 4 without facing an opponent.

The other two matches are:

  • Jelmer Vernooij vs Luca Capello: 12-21 16-21
  • Wookey vs Lucas Nussbaum 21-18 14-21 21-12

[edit] Round 4: play-offs

The three players left play two matches each. The winner is the player who wins two matches.

If noone wins two matches, sets won and total number of points made will be used to determine the winner, in that order.

Matches to be played:

  • Martin Krafft - Wookey: 21-19, 21-9
  • Luca Capello - Wookey: 17-21, 19-21
  • Martin Krafft - Luca Capello: 19-21, 21-9, 20-22

[edit] Table

Table tennis: players overview
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Finalist
Gaudenz Steinlin 11 20 Jan C Nordholz 19 14   Lucas Nussbaum 18 21 12 Wookey
Jan C Nordholz 21 22
Lucas Nussbaum 15 15 Lucas Nussbaum 21 21
Aigars Mahinovs 13 5
Lars Eric Scheidler 6 5 Wookey   Wookey 21 14 21
Wookey 21 21
Stefano Zacchiroli (not played)  
Simon Paillard (not played)
Axel Beckert 12 11 Luca Capello 21 21   Luca Capello 21 21   Luca Capello
Luca Capello 21 21
Kurt Gramlich 7 21 Kurt Gramlich 14 4
Giacomo Catenazzi 0 13
Noël Köthe 19 15 Jelmer Vernooij 10 21 21 Jelmer Vernooij 12 16
Jelmer Vernooij 21 21
Wouter Verhelst 21 21 Wouter Verhelst 21 19 16
Nico Golde 10 13
Micah Anderson 15 20 Martin F. Krafft 21 19 21 Martin F. Krafft   Martin F. Krafft
Martin F. Krafft 21 21
Thomas Lange 21 21 Thomas Lange 9 21 16
Franklin Piat 19 7
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