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The printer in the organizers' room is available on it's jetdirect.

Once the servers are up, we'll set up a print server, but for the moment you can print by configuring a print server on your laptop.

for CUPS you'll want to point things at


and once the printer is set up, remember to set the Printer Options for A4 paper

Without CUPS you can print Postscript files directly using:

    nc -q 1 9100 <

which sends the Postscript code to the printer.

If that all sounds too complicated, feel free to put what you need printing on a USB stick, and find:

  • Phil Hands (fil)
  • Damyan Ivanov (dam)
  • César Gómez Martín (cek)

(please add yourself to this list if you get it working)

Alternatively, if you use Debian, just print from a reasonably recent app and the printer will show up in the print dialog automatically. It's the one called "brother" that claims to be at the "front desk". --Enrico

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