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[edit] existing

  • Number of attendees / lodging requested / food requested per day.
    • (will be moved somewhere soonish)
    • This won't be accurate until everyone has a start and end date filled out.
    • Can we get an extra section at the top of that link with reconfirmed=true ? (this will be useful once we start reconfirmation)
  • hidden reports (ask for access) with personal data (like people without dates)
    • Includes: people without dates, people with dates, <more?>

[edit] needed

  • Some basic per-day statistics: (very close to what is above, this can be skipped since it duplicates what is above.)
    • Total Attendees per day, any reconfirmed status
    • Attendees reconfirmed=t per day
    • Lodging selections per day (can we sort this type_of_lodging->day, instead of day->type_of_lodging, sorting optional'
    • Same as above for food choices, sorted by type instead of per day. (sorting optional)
    • Lodging and food (same as above) for only reconfirmed=t
    • Can we make 2D tables?
  • Total number of unique corporate/professional registrants
    • number of corporate / professional registrants per day (for what?)
    • which corporate/professional are requesting single rooms
  • "Regular Room, reconfirmed=t" per day
  • "Single Room, reconfirmed=t" per day
  • Information for DC10-visa purposes
    • Total number of DC9 attendees.
    • Total number of DC9 non-US attendees.
    • These same numbers for all the past conferences we have in penta would be useful (but we can also get them from the final reprots, too)
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