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[edit] Lightning Talks is the lightning talks event. If you have something to present in 5min or less, please add you proposal here. The lightning talk moderators will pick some and inform you then...!

[edit] Bootstrapping a cross toolchain [[1]]

Speakers: Hector Oron, Simon Richter

Cross compilers are quite difficult to build as there are interesting circular dependencies between components which need to be resolved by stepping forwards and back through the various source packages. We present how to bootstrap a full cross compiler for the armel architecture, from scratch.

[edit] Das U-Boot [[2]]

Speaker: Simon Richter

Das U-Boot is a boot loader often found on embedded devices which includes several functions for repairing or reinstalling a damaged system. This talk covers typical commands and scenarios.


  • Loading data into memory
  • Booting
  • Writing to flash
  • The environment
  • Autoboot

[edit] dpkg vs Microsoft Installer [[3]]

Speaker: Simon Richter

Microsoft's software installation framework, MSI for short, has a pretty interesting design concept that is similar to dpkg's in some aspects while fundamentally different in others. This talk compares the two and gives a short rundown of their respective strengths and weaknesses.

[edit] MMUless systems [[4]]

Speaker: Simon Richter

Some embedded systems do not have a Memory Management Unit (MMU), which requires some adjustments to software due to missing system calls or different (legal) interpretations of standards. This talk is aimed at developers and maintainers wishing to ensure their packages work on such systems.


  • missing functionality: fork() and brk()
  • interesting semantics: mmap()
  • allocator behaviour
  • things that are unportable

[edit] Make perl programs testable

Speaker: Joachim Breitner

Just a small trick I used to write tests for wanna-build, despite the fact that it calls 'require "/etc/wanna-build.conf"', without modifying /etc. (Less than 5 minutes, I guess).

[edit] Internationalisation sessions summary

Speaker: Christian Perrier

Summary of the work done during i18n sessions/BOFs.

[edit] Debian Installer history

Speaker: Christian Perrier

With support of a video constructed by Joey Hess and Frans Pop, a brief overview of the history of development of the Debian installer

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