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[edit] DebConf9 LAN and WLAN

[edit] Locations

  • Internet connection comes in at the room "Informática" (is the Organizers room).
  • The connection then goes to the server room opposite of the hacklabs from where all other connections including wireless routers are fed.

[edit] WLAN

  • The ESSID of the official wireless network are "debconf" and "debconf_wpa". The PSK for "debconf_wpa" is "debconf9".
  • The ESSID "debconf9" was also official, but has been shut down when most "debconf" routers were spread out and working.

[edit] Access Points Configuration

We will use the WAN interface for managing purposes.

LAN port number 1 will be used to connect the AP to the main switch.

[edit] Buffalo
AP Channel Location Observations MAC Address
B131 6 Room 56 SNMP 00:0D:0B:83:7C:69
B132 11 Room 1 SNMP 00:0D:0B:83:7F:30
B133 11 Reception SNMP 00:0D:0B:83:7F:74
B134 1 Beneath BoF Room SNMP 00:0D:0B:83:6D:F4
B135 6 Video room SNMP 00:0D:0B:83:82:A3
B136 11 Hacklab 1 SNMP 00:0D:0B:83:75:55
B137 1 Lower Talk Room - back SNMP 00:0D:0B:83:6D:78
B138 6 Hacklab 2 SNMP 00:0D:0B:83:87:65
B139 6 Lower Talk Room - front SNMP 00:0D:0B:83:90:AA
B140 11 Upper talkroom - front SNMP 00:0D:0B:83:82:47
B141 1 Upper talkroom - back SNMP 00:0D:0B:83:8C:65
B142 11 Park facing
  • SNMP
  • WPA Only
[edit] Fonera
AP Channel Location Observations MAC Address
F161 Auto Not used Fonera mod. 2202 (2.0) 00:18:84:D0:05:E0
F162 Auto FdS Fonera mod. 2202 (2.0) 00:18:84:D0:02:B0
F163 Auto Not used Fonera mod. 2202 (2.0)
  • returned from FdS not working?
F164 Auto Not used Fonera mod. 2200 00:18:84:80:2B:C8
F165 Auto FdS Fonera mod. 2200 00:18:84:81:95:D0
F166 Auto Francisco de Sandes Fonera mod. 2100 00:18:84:13:8A:4C
F167 Auto Not used Fonera mod. 2100
  • returned from FdS not working?
F168 Auto pkern has this for playing with Fonera mod. 2100 00:18:84:1A:93:00
F169 Auto Not used Fonera mod. 2100 00:18:84:13:89:A0
F170 Auto FdS Fonera mod. 2100 00:18:84:1d:7a:24

[edit] Technical details

  • All wireless routers are configured to work as bridge between their internal switch ports (not WAN port) and the WLAN port. They're based on OpenWRT Kamikaze version 8.09.1 with kernel 2.4 (for the Broadcom-based Buffalo) and kernel 2.6 (for the Atheros-based Fonera).
  • All wireless routers have a sticker with a number on it. There internal IP address is 192.168.145.$thisnumber.
  • The wireless routers are Buffalo WHR-G54S and Fonera 2100/2200/2202 routers .The AP labels are composed by a letter B if it's a Buffalo router or F if it's a fon router.
  • More of the newer routers are only providing debconf_wpa. If this is a problem for you come and talk to us and we might be persuaded to make more access points open.

[edit] Francisco de Sandes

Unfortunately the hostel network at Francisco de Sandes is not great, so it has been necessary to install some additional basic services. In some parts of the building there is now an open network with the essid 'dc9_fds'. In most of the rest of the building there is a network called 'fdebconf_wpa' with the PSK of 'debconf9'. Due to the nature of the provided connectivity there is also an essid of 'tdebconf_wpa' (same PSK as elsewhere) which is a completely separate connection, so if you can get onto it you should abuse that bandwidth as much as possible.

You're also able to use the hostel network, via their a captive portal, but you might need a username and password from the front desk.

==> Is there a single username/password pair which we can all use so someone can post it here or do we need our own?

[edit] Problems and contact

First write your problem up at DebConf9/LAN/Problems, and then advise one of the following:

  • WLAN routers: Andrew (karora on IRC)
  • Server room: Jörg (Ganneff on IRC)
  • Also if you find another problem you can report it in this wiki page.

[edit] See also

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