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[edit] Volunteers

If you are able and willing to help out, then please put your name into some of the shifts in the table below. Every shift needs two persons!

[edit] Front Desk Shifts

The Front Desk needs to be manned with at least two people for the whole Debconf. People at the Front Desk do not have to be in the local orga team. Amaya should always be available for the more complicated questions. Your task is to be helpful to people having questions, to greet and check-in new ppl arriving and to sell food tickets and wine bottles.

See the Debconf9/FrontDeskCheatSheet for instructions.

[edit] Shifts

Front Desk at "Diego Muñoz Torrero"

   (1) Morning Shift : 9am - 12.30pm (3.5hr)
   (2) Lunch Shift : 12.30pm - 4pm (3.5hr)
   (3) Evening Shift: 4pm - 7.30pm  (3.5hr)
   (4) Late Shift: 7.30pm - 11pm (3.5hr)

[edit] Shift Plan

[edit] Front Desk at Diego Muñoz Torrero

Date Morning Shift (9:00 - 12:30) Lunch Shift (12:30 - 16:00) Evening Shift (16:00 - 19:30) Late Shift (19:30 - 23:00)
Wed 22th
Thu 23th Axel Beckert Gaudenz Rhonda Noèl Andreas Tille
Fri 24th Thomas Bliesener Christoph Egger Ales zabala (shagi) Maider Likona
Sat 25th
Sun 26th
Mon 27th ---- Day Trip ----
Tue 28th ---- Conference Dinner ----
Wed 29th
Thu 30th
Fri 31th ----- Good bye .... -----

[edit] See also

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