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Planning for the DC9 Final Report


[edit] Articles for DC9 report

(add articles here when they are decided on)

  • What got done (sponsors read this and think "wow, I'm glad I sponsored"
    • DPL message (Sledge, done)
    • Open Day (ana, done)
    • Talks (talk selection team, done but needs revision)
      • Talk list: (richard, done)
    • Full listing of talks (richard, done)
    • Social events (including day trip) (day trip=karora done, formal dinner=OPEN)
    • Debian wine&cheese (bubulle, done)
    • Debian wine (holger, done)
    • Personal impressions (done)
  • Behind the scenes (future organizers read this and get hints, also sponsors are amazed at our hard work)
    • Selecting the venue and accommodation (done as part of localteam writeup)
    • Fundraising team (Sledge, done)
    • Sponsorship team (schultmc, done)
    • Video team (could also go under "what got done" depending on focus) (Womble2, h01ger, done)
      • Video team from across the globe (marga)
    • Local team impressions (or under "what got done") (anto/cek, done)
    • Network setup (wireless subpart done)
    • Budget (Hydroxide, schultmc, done but needs numbers)
    • FrontDesk (dam, done)
  • Stats and numbers (gritty details for reference) (Gunnar, except for last point, done)
    • Attendees by registration category and Debian status
    • Attendees per day
    • Nationality of attendees
    • Food,accommodation choices
    • Budget breakdown
  • Credits

Extra to-do

  • Contact gaby/gwolf about making more shirts for sponsors (Sledge)

[edit] Things we should mention in some section, somehow

These are gems which should go in a record, so that other people can learn. Not all need to be included.

  • Venue and accommodation in same building = win
  • Strong local sponsor support = good
  • Try to not wait for the last minute for notifying attendees of things
  • competition for bids is good
  • video: on-site review is essential for quick release of videos

[edit] Photos

Please include links to good photos here (preferably with description or suggestion of where to use them).

[edit] Articles from DC8 report

  • Local Team Intro
  • DPL Message
  • Talks list
  • Localteam coordination
  • Choosing the correct venue
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Electric installation
  • Welcoming participants
  • Video team
  • Volunteers
  • Managing the budget
  • Social Events
  • Cheese and wine party
  • Tango dancing / open bar
  • Personal Impressions

[edit] Articles from DC7 report

  • Talks (chart of numbers of each type, summary of key talks)
  • Development (key technical features implemented, discussed, or worked on during DebConf)
  • stats and numbers: participants by status, participants by meal type, participants by country
  • Infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Sponsors
  • Money
  • Accommodation
  • Video
  • List of organizing team
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