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Si tiene información en español, ingrésela y alguien se encargará de traducirla.


[edit] AC Plug Types

Spain uses standard European plugs, the europlug for unearthed and the schuko for earthed. The voltage is 230v at 50Hz.

[edit] What to bring

No need to bring towels, soap or shampoo.

Clothing? Hats? (take weather into account). Power bars? Bicycles? Any other activities that might benefit from any particular item?

[edit] Weather

[edit] How much money to bring

Cost of a taxi ride? Breakfast? 1L of beer? a beer in a bar? dinner in a restaurant? a t-shirt?

[edit] How to get from the train or bus station to the venue

Info for *any* time of day.

[edit] Transport inside the city

Buses, trains, taxis. Costs and routes.

[edit] Convenience stores

There are several within a short distance (specific places to be added to the map).

[edit] Money

Banks and money exchanges are easily available in the city (specific places to be added to the map).

[edit] Local contacts

Who? Phone numbers (local, from within Spain, international).

[edit] Laundry

There is laundry (including driers) at both MT and FdS.

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