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This page is historical/informational.

[edit] Information for bidders

  • Talk to to get an address in assigned! (Can point to your host(s) but can also host the servers for you on resources)
  • Be sure to get and fill out the LocationCheckList - That's our main working document!
  • Link to your country's proposal from this page, in the next section. It must be ready before June 16, so it is presented at DebConf7.
    • If nobody from the bidding group can attend DebConf7, please inform the DebConf organizing team so you are still taken into account.
  • A decision should be reached by August-September.

[edit] DebConf9 bids

[edit] Old (and deprecated) information

The following information was posted as mere tentatives. Of course, I do not want to make it unavailable - If you posted it and are withdrawing the bid, please remove it. Otherwise, it will probably be ignored anyway ;-)

This is a summary of the probable venues Debconf9 can take place at:

  • madduck suggests to have DebConf9 in Thailand, which would make it the first DebConf in Asia with the number of Buddhism (9). There's a discussion list at .
  • Brussels wants to hold Debconf9, see: Belgium. There is an early discussion mailing list at:
  • Greece didn't make it for DebConf7, but definitely wants to try organizing DebConf9.
  • SimonLaw wants to host Debconf9 at Montréal, Canada. See Montreal for more details
  • Germany want's to host DebConf9 in (or near to) the city of Berlin. The UserGroup in Fulda (exactly the middle of Germany) is also interested to host DebConf9
  • Italian developers started talking about hold Debconf9 in Italy. (ask more info to
  • Junta de Extremadura, regional goverment of Extremadura, wants to host DebConf9 in the city of Cáceres. (ask more info to
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