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It is being planned renting buses for the return day (Sunday 17 th) from the hotel to both, Buenos Aires downtown and the EZE airport. Please, write down your name, email address and time you want to be Buenos Aires downtown or time your flight leaves if you are interested. This will help to arrange the departures time. (Note: there is also an Hotel coordination page). Use 24h format.

[edit] Bus to Retiro

Name email Time you want to be there Notes
madduck 15:00
pabs 15:00
bdale 15:00
Jan Lübbe 15:00
marcot any
Aurélio any
luk any flight is the 18th
Ralf Treinen 15:00 already bought ticket
Melisa Halsband any
Jacobo Tarrio any already bought ticket
Andrew McMillan 15:00 bought ticket on Empresa leaving at 10:00am
Dydier Rojas G. any
Torsten Werner any together with Matthias Schmitz, Florian Mayer, Robert Jähne
Matthias Schmitz any together with Torsten Werner, Florian Maier, Robert Jähne
Florian Maier any together with Matthias Schmitz, Torsten Werner, Robert Jähne
Robert Jähne any together with Matthias Schmitz, Florian Maier, Torsten Werner
maddog any
Andreas Tille Once I'm finished helping you guys finishing what has to be done
Joachim Breitner any
Giacomo Catenazzi 15:00 or earlier
Jeroen van Wolffelaar preferably < 13:00
Holger Levsen any
Amayita any
gregoa any (I can help with cleaning up)
Thadeu Cascardo soon to look for a hotel
Krishna any soon enough to get a hotel
Kurt Roeckx any to look for a hotel
neozerosv 06:00 Stays in Palermo Soho

[edit] Bus to EZE

Name email Time your flight departs
Faidon Liambotis 12:20
Ana Guerrero 13:15
Rene Engelhard 13:15
Luca Capello 13:15
Fernando Ike 15:40
Ian Lawrence 15:40
Jose Augusto Carvalho 15:40
Eduardo Neves 15:40
Fabricio Cannini 21:00
Asheesh Laroia 21:10

The people below are all on the bus arranged by Noodles leaving the hotel at 11am on Sunday morning; there's unfortunately no extra room for more people so *don't* add your name below and expect to get on it.

Name email Time your flight departs Paid?
James Vega 20:15 Yes
Manoj Srivastava 20:30 Yes
Judith Shardo 20:30 Yes
Frank Lichtenheld 20:55 Yes
Michael Bramer grisu@d.o 20:55 Yes
Noèl Köthe noel@d.o 20:55 Yes
Tim Retout 21:10 Yes
Eric Dantan Rzewnicki 21:05 Yes
Jonathan McDowell 21:35 Yes
Neil McGovern 21:35 Yes
Phil Hands 21:35 Yes
Neil Williams 21:35 Yes
Andrew Saunders 21:35 Yes
Gerfried Fuchs 21:35 Yes
Eric Evans 21:50 Yes
Michael Shuler 21:50 Yes

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