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This page coordinates the Lightning Talks at Debconf8 on Saturday 2008-08-16 16:00 - 17:30. See official schedule

What are Lightning Talks? Lightning Talks are 4 to 5 minutes talks by various speaker. You can talk/present about your pet project, a project, cool hardware, .....

see wikipedia:Lightning_Talk


  • When: 2008-08-16 16:00 to 17:30
  • Where: Salon del mar, DebConf8
  • Language: english
  • Moderator: noel@d.o


# Name, email Title Description
1 Andreas Tille, tille@d.o Mailinglist Analysis what can be read out of our mailinglists
2 Jurij Smakov, jurij@{d.o,g.c} Google and Open Source Open-sourced projects by Google, project hosting, app engine
3 Jacob Appelbaum, Cold Boot Attacks Advanced memory forensics made easy with Free Software. How can we improve Debian to resist these attacks?
4 Frank Lichtenheld, djpig@d.o Source-centric Views Exposing users more to source <-> binary relations
5 Asheesh Laroia, Terminator: Making GUI Terminals fun again Terminator is a new GTK-based terminal app that I didn't write. Life is better.
6 Paul Wise, pabs@d.o Synfig: animation in the free world Short presentation about the Synfig animation studio, some of the animations produced by it, call for developers.
7 Jacob Appelbaum, Tor Perhaps you'd like to run a node?
8 Aurelien Jarno, Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Short presentation of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
9 Lincoln de Sousa,, Thadeu Cascardo, Selecting faces Using human intelligence to mark faces in a picture
10 Gabriel Falcão,, Lincoln de Sousa, Guake: a drop-down terminal What it is and how it works
11 Jonathan McDowell, Hello from half of keyring-maint A quick status report and hello about the debian-keyring
12 Asheesh Laroia, Brainstorming about online services What web applications don't provide, and what that tells us about our freedom
13 Marcos Dione, psync - a mirror utility; configuring or programming your mail server?
14 .. .. ...
15 Noèl Köthe, noel@d.o Live presentation how you can work on OSM

== Because the slots where full and after our talk there is a break I just extended it. So we just make 30 minutes longer. I hope this doesn't give problems. Videoteam doesn't have a problem with extending the time == 2008-08-15 13:00, noel@d.o

Please add an email address for communication before and maybe after your talk(s).

(I signed up for two slots. If someone else wants a slot, bump my second one. -- Asheesh.)

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